Thursday, May 17, 2007

All in the eyes of the beholder...

"You remind me so much of...."

I get that alot. Do you?

No seriously. I want to know...

In high school, it was all about Sandra Bullock. I waited tables through high school and had multiple people tell me at different times... "You look just like Sandra Bullock."

Hmm... I don't see it. Maybe it is the dark hair?

But then I've had other moments of "familiarity" with people. It's always funny to me. A couple days ago I got Britney Spears... definitely don't see that.

Last year I got Janis Joplin... um, no thanks.

In Hakone a little girl saw me and turned to her mother saying, "Wow, there's a Chinese girl here." Chinese? Wow, that's fun.

Sometimes it's not my looks but my mannerisms, "Hey, doesn't Jo remind you so much of so and so?" They say.

No joke, I must have "one of those faces".

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...

This made me think of video I received from a friend (below)... I laughed so hard when his email read, "This reminded me of you."

What can I say? Fearfully and wonderfully.


Brendan said...

I think the conversation of looking like famous people is kind of weird, but anyways I have been likened to owen wilson, when I have long hair, and one time clay aiken, when my hair was much shorter.

P.S. you have never responded to my email that I sent you many moons ago (many moons=Native American terminology for "a lengthy amount of time")

the jake said...

Who does Jo look like? Hmmm....

How about that guy from the little lad dance that likes berries and cream?