Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To Lenora

The smallest of wonders
The biggest of dreams
Your world completes itself
in the sunlight it streams.

Straight from your toes
curved in your smile
it's no mystery
that your beauty is fragile.

You seem tough and fierce
but it's expressed in your joy
you give way to abandonment
and laugh like it's coy.

Your beauty surprises me
for it's not just in your face,
but the sunlight that echos
straight through all the space.

Now apart we must be
and it's really not fair,
for i long for the time
to laugh and be pair.

Soon, my friend, we'll be
together as aunty and niece
this is just a portion of dream,
of my heart just a piece.

A deep longing to sit with you
to laugh with you...
to sneak away is my ploy
to learn the sweet abandonment
of your child-like joy.


Kelli B said...

until i (God-willing) have my own children, there is nothing - NOTHING - better than being an aunt.

I love my niece and nephew and LOVE KIDS!

This was a sweet poem, friend!

Ed said...

I think what you've said about joy is very profound: joy belongs to the childlike, and 'sweet abandon' is the only way to get back there.

To be really childlike is absolute abandon to trust.

To 'steal away' from everything that keeps us from the life of a child - much of it very good, but none of it best - requires that we become really good thieves.

There's that old slave song of the Jubilee Singers, you know: "Steal away, steal away Home; I ain't got long to stay here."

So, steal away the time.
Steal away the place.
Steal away the opportunity.
Steal away the relationship.

It's not really stealing, anyway. It's just taking back what God gave you as your own in the first place.

'Let no one rob you of your joy'