Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We Could Be Sisters

Random and quick post but I found this photo via Emily Ward and it really made me miss her and Katie.

It's titled, "We Could Be Sisters" and that is rightly true of our hearts for one another.

Katie Brannan, I remember exactly where I was when we first met. I knew that you were a special woman but little did I know what a special sister you would become. Thank you Maribeth for introducing us (via word of mouth. :) ) It's been hard for me not to walk through this season of your life with you (i can't believe you have a boyfriend. It just takes me a surprise, everytime I think of my sweet Ducky with a boyfriend~ tee hee hee) but I know that God has me "walking" with you even in a distance. I love that you are in SD because it makes me feel closer to you... okay, that's not necessarily true. But I love that you are experiencing new things and living each day fully. You are my true friend, sister, and inspiration. I love you Ducky.

Em, I remember being so intimidated by you and Rachel of Beautiful Feet. You had such an amazing voice and such a heart for the LORD. I enjoyed our first dinner together at the pizza place (pug's? periwinkle? oh, what was the name?) and all the dinners that followed after. It was so much fun to have that special time just you and I. I also remember when we pretended that I was deaf at the restaurant so we could use our ASL. We are goofballs. I love walking through life with you over the ocean that separates us physically and love the accountability that we have. I can't wait for our next dinner date.

I am so glad I have you two as my sisters. Rock on!


emily said...

ok...I'm crying!!! LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO much girlfriend!!! Thanks for this post! You are precious! BTW--"Wig & Pen" that's the name of the pizza place. You make me laugh so hard when you were trying to guess the name of it!!!!! I also loved the "deaf night" we definitely got weird looks. I miss you and love you MUCHO!!!!!!

Joanna Kay said...

I love you more than Wig & Pen pizza, which after being in Japan where seafood pizza and thin crust is the norm (good and yummy norm, tho) I definitely miss some good food.
Let's BBQ when I visit you in Texas. Love you sistah.