Sunday, May 06, 2007

I do.

Lately, I've been privileged to listen to some sermons on marriage. It all started when Emily gave me information on her church Austin Stone's series on Marriage called From This Day Forward.

I listened to 3 out of 4 of the sermons and I was hooked. I was on fire to pass on the sermon information to anyone I knew who was married or single. I need to listen to the 4th when I have time. You can find the sermons here; look for the 4 sermons titled, "From This Day Forward". Seriously, single people~ you can benefit so much from these sermons. Emily and I are both single and we loved learning from these talks.

But tonight I heard an amazing talk. Kudos to John Piper for this talk titled, "The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission" whether you are a man or a woman you are going to want to hear this.

Piper speaks so much about not only marriage but being a woman of God. He says, "True womanhood is defined by hope in God, fearlessness, and inward adornment."

Here is the transcript: I hope you enjoy Also listen to it here if you like that better. I do.


emily said...

YAY! Seriously. It is SO SO SO good!! Everyone NEEDS to listen to these Jo said...single people--I was SO glad that I heard these messages while I'm single. Thanks Jo for passing the word along!!! I'm anxious to check out the piper stuff! LOVE YOU!

Jamie said...

i've heard much from my friend molly about the piper sermon -- i'm downloading it today! hopefully can listen while i wash dishes or something. i'll let you know what i think.. :)

jamie o.

(i feel a need to distinguish myself from other possible "jamie" commenters with the "o" -- is it helpful?)

Joanna Kay said...

Jamie, Yes, it is a BIG help that you write, Jamie O.
Usually I click on the name to see which blog I end up at.
Ha ha ha!
One time you signed Mrs. O and I was like, "who is that?" I was imaging someone older. It's funny that my friends are now Mrs.
I know that is silly to say but I often forget.
Thanks for the name clue. Appreciate it.