Thursday, May 31, 2007

I feel like a natural....

What is it with nature? A part of you gets more in touch with your senses and your appreciation for stepping out of the city. I like Tokyo but I love when all around is green and flowing with life....
An old man stopped at our campsite and taught us all how to use his fishing pole. We caught a lot of fish (just little guys). It was a lot of fun. (mamo and saaya with the fisherman) Saaya shows off her catch! Woo hoo!!
Fish Kiss!!

Look what I got! It's a keeper!!And yes, Idid eat my fish for dinner. I had a deep desire to eat the fruit of my labors. :)
Kyle preferred just grossing us all out. Ha ha!
Yaya joined us for the camping night. He enjoyed all the food and ate his fill with the huge hot dogs we brought.
The campfire was a lot of fun. Kong, Jennifer, and Ty enjoyed the games, the food, and the good conversation that we had around the campfire.
Ohhh please warm us up! (Jo and Saaya)
The next day Saaya and I hung out a lot in the river. It was freezing but sooo wonderful on a hot day. We wanted to cross to where it was deeper and the current was faster.
Saaya and I really wanted to go down the rapids, so after we decided that it was deep enough and we wouldn't scrap our bottoms, we took off.
SaayaOkay, so this is me. I don't know why but right before I headed down the rapids, I always dipped down into the current. Without fail, I always went under and then popped back up. No one, however, caught me popping back up. Ha ha! So I have all these photos of me sucking on the water. ha ha!
Mark going down...
Mark and the guys decided to build a raft out of a tree they found. Mark let Saaya and I help with some of it. :)
Mark and Dan building the raft.
Saaya and I are trying to, once again, figure out, "What's the best way to take this down the stream?"
Mark was the only one to take the raft down the rapids... it was a little scary.
Mark surfed the raft when the water calmed down a bit. Isn't this a beautiful place? The water was so clean and clear. The grass was so green.
Saaya and I took the raft down the current. It was so much fun.
An overview of our camping site. It was so much fun and what a beautiful place. It's only an hour and a half by train and easy to access. I was so happy with it. I think we'll head back in August.


Jomama said...

Awesome...what more can I say? The beauty God has created in friendships and nature surpasses our wildest dreams. I am truly in awe...

Kelli B said...

that is awesome friend. are there any wilderness creatures in the backwoods of Japan? Like mountain lions, tigers, hmm? i'm curious.

way to go on the raft building and fun having. i felt like i was right there with you. somehow.

dude. it's been like 3 days, and i'm so impatient for the package to arrive! love you bunches of goodness.

Ojen said...

sounds like a fun adventure! =)