Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay that settles it... I am quitting my job and beginning a new one as Planner Extraordinare!
I had a lot of fun helping my fellow staffers (k and jwitt, mar bear) plan Mark and Jin's Anniversary. It was SOOOO much fun.Mark and Jin were so surprised. For a couple of weeks they had been receiving secret messages preparing them for the night. It was all about a "look back" into their marriage with a Hawaiian theme (since they honeymooned there).
I, especially, love this photo of them laughing. At the door of the "restaurant" two lovely ladies greeted them with Hawaiian leis.
They were served a delicious bubbly with a fun decorative pail.
Oh, prom photos are always a delight.
They were served warm bread with olive oil, pepper, and parmesan cheese.
Skits were in fun form. The students took turns impersonating Mark and Jin at different stages in their relationship. It was fun to "look back".
Kyle emceed while Yuki was the amazing server.
After all the skits finished, the students lined up and everyone got an opportunity to thank and affirm Mark and Jin for all the things that they have done for us. The whole crew! What a fun night!


ojen said...

ooooh Joanna. they look so happy! great job planning. looks like it was an AMAZING night. for everyone =)

Joanna Kay said...

Thanks Ojen. I love you sister.