Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Better late than never...

I woke up and looked outside and immediately started cheering...
"Pressing Pete it's snowing!!!" ;)
unfortunately for my roommate Mary I woke her up to come outside and look.
SNOW!!! Ahhh, snow. Thank You, Abba for sending me this amazing blessing.
Yes, I think snow is a blessing. I love it! Japanese people are so particular about percipiation and being outside in it. :D I love that this guy has an umbrella for the snow. I didn't think mentioning to him that when snow falls in your hair it looks like Snow White and that he should embrace this moment would change the situation. Ha ha!!
Even the monopolistic Starbucks looked beautiful... oh, snow, how I love you.
The snow was beautiful but then Mary entered the scene and snow just couldn't compare. Mary's luscious locks looked lovely. (ohh that was fun to write)
I call this picture, "Mary Looks At the Future With A Smile"...
kind of a lame title but I'm not really an artist. Maybe Jean has a better title??
I call this picture, "Joanna is cragee"
And this one, "Snow tastes fun"

Mary and Jo...
Hooray for snow.


Mikey said...

yay for snow! now you can do the following:
1. make a snowman
2. make a snowcone
3. go snowboarding
4. start a snowball fight
5. throw snowballs at mary while she's asleep

Anonymous said...

Oh Jo, you are so funny. I love this post. :) You can have ALL of the snow from my yard if you want!!

Oh, and to add to Mikey's list of fun things you can do, you should also write messages in the snow with your feet! Or make giant hearts! We did that once, right?

Love you!!


Mom XOXOX said...

She's a-singin' "Snow...snow...snow...snow...snow...!" I can hear you all the wya to IL! I LOVE it when you sing and celebrate even the simplest things in creation! Woo-hoo to snow and woo-hoo to you!

Anonymous said...

Joanna, I always enjoy your photos. You are an artist! I tried to write another long alliteration string for Mary's other photo...maybe "precious in pink she ponders patiently" or simply "gentle gazer." Well, I hope you are still enjoying the snow.

Jean :)