Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Got a Little Cragee At Disneyland!!

At first Mary and I were like, "Why are we up this early?" But then we remembered. "OH YEAH! Disneyland!!!"
I went a little crazy at Disneyland. I had heard about all the characters dressed up but I wasn't expecting to be so excited. I was like a five year old running around taking pictures with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and all the others. I got so caught up in the *magic* of it all that I even confessed to Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora) that she is my favorite.

The castle was beautiful.

Megumi, Naoko and I
The spinning tea cups.

Mary, Saori and Megumi
"Don't be gloomy, Mary. Disneyland is fun!"

I know I'm so bad but I even took pictures inside the rides. This is Splash Mountain.
Mary and I got Level 4 on Buzz Lightyear's ride.

Level 4 "Galatic Fighter"

"Show me your pirate face!" (Pirates of Caribbean Ride)
Ah, Walt!

Naoko, Joanna, Saori, Megumi, Mary, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

We can fly!!
Tokyo Disneyland was celebrating Cinderella.

aka Cinderellabration!!

We watched the show where Cinderella was crowned Princess (the follow-up for the show). Everyone was there. Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin and Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella's ugly Stepsisters and Wicked Stepmother, everyone including....Prince Charming
We had front row viewing of Cinderella's carriage going by at the end. Doesn't she look beautiful?
On the way home, Mary and I continued to be crazy. This is the picture in response to Mary's "Next Top Model" pose. She said, "You're on the escalator. Work with it." And this is my natural response.
What can I say? The two of us make quite a pair. ;)


Ojen said...

hahahha. i love it!!!! you girls are so GREAT (and so silly) and it looks like such a fun time! wish i could be there with yall! =)

p.s. definitely need to submit that model pic for the next season. Tyra would love it.

Kelli B said...

i vote joanna for ANTM Season 10. yeah yeah!

miss you friend. i have longed for another phone convo with you.