Friday, July 18, 2008


Cleaning time. Organizing time.
Whatever you want to call it, today has been a productive day for cleaning out my life.


I called it quits but hallelujah I made it through 90% of my criz-ap! seriously people. it is SAD how much stuff i have. I feel gross.

Forgive me Jesus for being so greedy.

Here are some of the fun things I found....
art supplies.

uhhh... i'm not really sure what all is in here. this is my "give away" pile (minus the blue bin). My rule is: if it fits in the blue bin I get to keep it.

like a true Schupbach child I have a billion books. 90% of which I have forgotten about since I lived overseas but 100% of which I am TOTALLY excited to return too. I have an awesome collection of books. I love my books. I'm so excited to have such a wide resource of authors, stories, and knowledge. (notice the books are in the blue bin)how could I have forgotten that I am the owner of the WICKED piano/vocals book? it was a gift to me when I graduated college from my dear Susie, but I didn't bring it to Japan knowing I wouldn't have the opportunity to play it. But now I have been reunited with my old friend...
I even called Mikey up and said, "Hey guess this song..." It went like this...

Dum, dum, da da "oops"... dum, dum "oops"... da da da dahhhh "oops" "oops" "oops"

But he told me later the "oops" was his favorite part. (and this is where all the girls say, "awww")

where was I? Oh yeah, fun treasures.
I also found glitter. I happen to be a fan. A big fan. Glitter is too much fun to leave on the paper... so I "accidently" spill it on me when I use it. hee hee hee just kidding.

kind of.

Anyway, the sad thing is this...

I have too much stuff. I have about 7 bibles I never use nor even remembered I had. That made me sad since there are many parts of this world where Christians can't even get the bible. I read in a magazine once where this area of the world, they tear the books out of the bible and give them away to their pastors, teachers, and believers because even having one book of the bible is better than having none.

I hope I can maintain these thoughts through my life and live more simply.

Any thoughts on your stuff? On living simply?

Or just glitter? :D


Jer said...

aww.. seeing Eternity in their Hearts on top of your book pile made my day.

lintim said...

freedom of simplicity by foster is pretty good. i also read once in a book that we should only own that which we will consume. i guess that does depend on the context? but i liked that thought.

Kelli B said...

my thoughts:

love glitter. dont show marcus though. he will probably stop talking to you. for awhile. (did i mention i love glitter??)

we go through our stuff and "downsize" at least every couple months. it feels great, it simlifies your life, and there are people who need it or could use it. we take it to the local urban mission which has a thrift store - homeless people can use it. it's awesome to see how much stuff goes to people who need it.

i enjoy you! thanks for sharing your accomplishment...good reminder to all of us we can simplify our lives.

oh yeah - also saw oprah episode once, and there is a theory that the more you downsize your "stuff" the more content and less stressed you actually become, especially while at home. So it's healthy. I agree with it - always feel better when we have less "stuff" lying around.