Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Vacation: Destination Colorado

Family Vacation... has been both restful and eventful... Eventful because we got to drive to the top of Mt. Evans. I was not prepared to be climbing mountains so my Mom and I just waited for my Dad at the top.
It's also been quite eventful because we have two little pipsqueaks to keep us busy.
Here is Waveland entertaining my father... she is seriously the funniest little kid.
And Eddie. Who can deny this precious face anything his little heart desires?
A group of us climbed St. Mary's glacier, it was a fun day hike that was the perfect opportunity to get out of crazy hot Denver. Here are my Mom and Dad, holding hands... whoooo!
Waveland and her pony... I mean her Daddy.
Rochelle along the banks of the melted glacier.
Pretty cold, huh Dad?
I decided to do a little "off-roading".
The women, minus little girl Waveland.
The bottom of the glacier. I was jealously watching a couple guys hike to the top and snowboard down the glacier... pretty cool.
Mom and Dad
Waveland, Jordan, Rochelle, Joanna, Dad and Mom
Waveland was pretty tired from riding her pony... I mean father, all day.
The other days we sat around the pool and hung out...
I also went ahead and invested in a camera... here are some pictures from today and from the camera.
Me and my Mama
Eddie and Mom
Edwin loves the pool.
Waveland and her Daddy take a stroll around the pool.
The boys entertaining Waveland.
In the pool Waveland tried out her new floatie.
She was adorable floating around in her little flowery floaty.
All that swimming is hard work, we better get some yummy watermelon.
The day was hot until finally the sun started setting... whew 100 degrees or so.

I love swimming.


jamie said...

how fun jo! i've been thinking about you lately-wondering how you are doing?!
that pic of your dad and waveland is priceless- love it!

Mandy said...

Joanna, I'm glad you went for the camera! Those are some very fun photos ;)
p.s. I miss you!!