Monday, July 21, 2008

Jesus is better than a cup of ramen...

After my last down-er email I decided to do something about it... why? because I hate being in the "i'm lonely and life sucks" mood. Because my life doesn't suck and I have many many things to be thankful for... i.e. the box that came and provided dinner.
So my remedy to my homesickness for Japan was to make some of my personal Japanese favorites....
like miso soup (instant? yes but still oishi!) and what is this boiling water for, you might ask?
THIS!!! My ramen in a bag that Jin and I got at OK grocery.
Oh I know. "Comfort food" can't really comfort you... but man, it doesn't hurt to eat a little bit of the things I'm missing.
But boy, oh boy, I forgot how hot ramen is. Wheeew!

I'm glad that I know Jesus is with me no matter where I am. That way, when I'm bummed about missing America or missing Japan or my friends or food or whatever I know that Jesus is my constant.

I'll never need comfort food when I'm abiding in the Lord. So just a reminder to myself for whenever I feel down. He is, has been, and will always be faithful.

Beginning and end, Alpha and Omega...

everything. That's Him. (better than a cup of ramen)


emily said...

I love you sister!

Mandy said...

I miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

Some say I am a closet-Joanna-blog-reader, but I would say I am very open about my joanna blog reading habits...just ask Mary! Though I post infrequently, I read regularly...enjoying the laughter and tears of your life both home and abroad. Your stories and your photos make me smile! So here is me (Jean) saying hi. Enjoy your time in colorado this weekend.

-Jean :)