Tuesday, August 31, 2010

one life

If you are just one person then I am sure there has come a time where you have often thought, "But I am just one person, how can I...." fill in the blank.

This book titled, What Difference Do It Make is the sequel to Same Kind of Different as Me and is the continuing story of two men whose lives were touched and impacted by one person, Mrs Deb Hall.
If you can remember, I reviewed Same Kind of Different back in April located here.

I want to encourage you to pick up both of these books either on Amazon (follow the links by clicking on their titles above) or by stopping at your local bookstore to get them.  They've made a huge impact on my life and as the stories tell, on so many others.
What Difference Do It Make continues the story of how the first book came to be written and follows the two men as they became famous throughout America.  It made me laugh (there is a hilarious incident at the White House), it made me cry (poverty and slavery still exists in America) but most importantly it changed the way I see homeless people.  
Now, I'm not going to say I've mastered the art of caring.  I still get nervous when I see homeless people and I often forget to put cash in my pockets with the thought of sharing that. My journey of caring for the homeless has been long and often confusing.  I remember, more than a year ago, my roommate buying a sandwich for a homeless man who she and her fiance had "adopted" in some ways.  When we went to drop the sandwich off, we stayed to talk to him.  I was so challenged and shocked by my friend but realized how easy it is to engage in conversation those who I was often scared of.
Ron Hall and Denver Moore's story takes you beyond the money issue. Do homeless people need money? Yes! But do they need to know they are loved and valuable people? Yes!
  What I learned from this book of story upon story was to become Jesus to the homeless and enter their worlds. The homeless have been on my mind since reading this book in June and I can't help but wonder where it's going to lead me this year. 

Will you pick up these two books, read how one life can change so many and be challenged?
We must never say, "But I'm just one life..."
for it's with this one life that we are given the ability to love, care for and minister to those less fortunate.  Next time you pass by a homeless person surprise yourself.  Don't just pass them your money, but as you pass them money ask them their name. Be a frequent visitor to where they sit.  Love on them the way Jesus loves on you.
Be changed and have your heart changed for them.

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