Saturday, March 18, 2006

I can't even title this...

I realized tonight that there are no words to express ....well, to explain me!
I was trying to explain something to my friends here in Japan and everything came out in noise effects. I am not even joking. When I get "going" and get excited I just start describing my life in noise effects. I didn't even really realize I was doing it until TJ said, "Someone needs to film her sometime..." and then proceeded to imitate my noises.

I am a strange person. I do not fit in in this culture. I laugh too loud and am too hyper. At first, I tried to suppress who I was. I didn't want to be loud or stick out... but that was denying who God has made me. God has given me a spirit of joy and a spirit to encourage those with my laughter and silliness. I love the lightness God gives me through life. Not every day am I able to feel light and carefree but when I do, I really get into "me".

Lately in Japan, "me" has been especially hyper and silly. I am seriously just enjoying life here and loving where God has placed me. So although these pictures are not the cutest of me, they can probably portray the best the "real me"... and even though I have down days, there is nothing like the joy the Lord has given all of us, should we acknowledge that He stands there ready to offer it to us....
this is what it has looked like lately for me to have joy... at least the last couple of days... (be warned, for some strange reason I always have my mouth wide open... that's kind of embarassing! ha ha)

Mmm mmm mmm cotton candy. We got to make it ourselves at a restaurant near Mary and my new apartment...Speaking of Mary... here's my cute roommate. Mary has also resorted to making noises as well.She has started saying, "ding"... I'm not really sure what triggers her saying that... but it's kind of funny. I wonder if we do this because we can't use any normal language to communicate. No, that's not it. We're just weird. Why do I look so pyscho and she looks so beautiful? Wow!! Look at her eyes. What a fox! Woo Woo, Mary!

Yeah, this is me staying up for the Iowa game... up till 4:30AM just to watch them go from a 17 point lead to lose it with a buzzer-blower. Harf!!

Good thing my joy is in the Lord and not in the Hawkeyes!!!


Holly said...

just as i turned back from your comments there was a new post. how great! i miss you. megan left to go back to school today. i have a feeling God is going to put me in a good lonely spot, to help me see how much i need Him. and yeah, that iowa game was no good!

leah said...

yes, i'm shallow enough to let my temporary happiness lie in the ncaa basketball tournament... go LSU! and Gonzaga! and Nova! and ILLINOIS!

and do not despair over iowa -- they have one of the best writing programs in the country. brains over brawn! :P

JoPappa said...

'Being me' is the one thing the dear people of Japan will wonder over.

So much of their personhood - who God has made them to be individually - is wrapped up in their national identity.

Remember the wonder of Soren Kierkegaard at the discovery of his faith in God: "And now, with God's help, I shall become myself."

Let the people see who you are, "yet with gentleness and reverence..."

It will, no doubt, lead you to 'just the best thing ever'.

Melissa said...

Do you know what this post reminded me of? When you and Michelle would get so giggly as little girls (and jr. highers) that my mom would get mad at you for giggling so much and would tell you to knock it off, or settle down. I always thought that was kinda funny. Boy, could you and Mitchy laugh and giggle with the best of them!

Mom said...

You are awesome...completely! What fun to be you! :) Happy in Jesus, happy with you, happy with life! These pictures are beautiful! What more could a girl want...cotton candy, friends,and a great school in spite of their recent loss? :) Keep up the joyful noise unto the Lord! I love you! ha-ha

Joanna Kay said...

Melissa, your comment made shivers run down my spine. Ohhh...I remember those "kitty days" all to well. just kidding. it makes me miss Mitchy and you and the whole Paulson crew. I can't wait to meet the two newest arrivals. Congrats Aunty Melis!

Holly said...

hey what happened to rojo?

Kelli B said...

Dude, I second I was trying to create a link to their website, and it's gone!

What happened???

PS-one of the guys in the office here LOVED the coffee.