Sunday, March 05, 2006

Random Pictures of Life...

The following are some random pictures of life recently... or just cause it's fun to look at pictures... I am also "dedicating" this blog to my friend Mitsuhiro (Mikkun) for he recently told me he reads my blog to practice english. (Apparently I have difficult slang~ ha ha!)

This is Mikkun and I at the Emperor's Palace. We went jogging around the open courtyard area because... well, just because it was there, I guess.

This is my Sendai family (Sendai is way northern Japan)

Nancy and Pete Dorrell "duke it out" (compete) in Dance, Dance Revolution.

DDR is a video game that you play with your feet, you dance on a mat that senses your dance steps and scores you on accuracy. That's the basic idea of it. :) Oh, we are so sad. Holly is leaving us! BEST club comes to say goodbye to Holly the night before she left~

Tomo, Takayasu, Mamoru, and Mitsuru

Jin, Natsumi, Holly, Jo, and Mary!

Dude, no seriously! We saw wild monkeys when we were up in Karuizawa. I know it's crazy but it's true. We pulled over on the side of the road and got close to them.

Eddie, Mary, and I got to hang out with the monkeys. They're pretty camera shy as you can tell by the one hiding it's face from us. hee hee hee
And this is my crazy best friend, Kelli... who knowing I have been homesick lately took some silly pictures for me... and unknowingly took this picture pointing at a bird. Crazy huh? I adore you Kelli. Thanks for the cheer and the pictures.

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Kelli B said...

Anytime, Sister. For I love you so. I feel homesick without you around here! And we never lived close together...hmmm. How does that work?

Guess our hearts are knit like Jonathan and David.

Love you girl.