Monday, March 06, 2006

Tanoshi ne? 10, 9, 8, 7...

I stole this from Holly and don't normally like doing these silly things but why not? I'm awake, I'm silly and I'm sitting here...

Ten Firsts:
First best friend - Carissa Johnson and Katie Farka
First screen name - probably msn? or something?
First pet - a goldfish, Emily Ocean
First piercing- my tongue when I was seven, my mom took me. ha ha just kidding. it was my ears
First crush - Bryce Carpenter in 1st grade (he was a 2nd grader~ whew)
First kiss - Paul Tonn
First CD - oh, man I don't know~ maybe Susan Ashton or Spice Girls
First car- 98 Gold Chevy Cavalier (technically not mine)
First stuffed animal - Care Bear Birthday Bear
First broken bone - none. For not being a milk drinker I've done pretty good...

Nine Lasts
Last beverage - water and before that Japanese tea
Last car ride - back from looking for an apartment
Last movie seen - Five hour version of Pride and Prejudice.... oh, Mr. Darcy is so chivalrous. ha ha
Last phone call - Kanako Yamashita
Last CD played - Copeland's "Beneath the Medicine Tree"
Last bubble bath - December
Last time you cried - hmmm... let's see... probably Thursday, March 2nd
Last time you laughed - today (of course) watching SCHOOL OF ROCK when the little kid tells Jack Black he is fat and has body odor. Oh, man that still tickles me.
Last time you fell - fell? fell in love? Cause everytime I am around the Rood/Hayes children I fall more and more in love with them. They are precious beyond decription. (Don't worry Lenora I still love you the most but I hug KayKay and think of you and pray that someone will hug and kiss you like I hug and kiss these kids!)

Eight Shows you like (I don't really like t.v. so here is my best attempt at this...)
1. CSI
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Without a Trace
4. TLC's A Wedding Story
5. TLC's A Baby Story
6. Nick and Jess "Newlyweds"
7. ABC romantic comedies
8. hmmm... oh okay~ 24!

Seven Things You Are Wearing
1. Eddie's sweatshirt I had to borrow when I forgot my jacket in the mountains... Eddie, can I steal this?
2. UniQlo sweatpants, yeah, I know~ shocker, huh?
3. headphones
4. Vicky's eyeliner
5. smart wool socks, the very best
6. Pretty in Pink lotion
7. my pretty silver ring

Six Things You've Done Today
1. traveled to Family Mart
2. hunted for an apartment
3. made a sentence with good grammar in Japanese (PRAISE THE LORD!!)
4. showered
5. chewed a crap load of gum...
6. concreted some of this week's plans...

Five Favorite Things
1. dancing
2. chivalry
3. my mama and daddy
4. good coffee
5. connecting with someone and realizing that you look forward to seeing them...(i'm talking friendships here)

Four People You Can Trust With Anything (besides my family)
1. Kelli "code brown" Burrier
2. Amy Noxon
3. Jamie Kampman
4. Sharon Henry

Three Choices
1. Hot or cold - that's vague? What are we talking about? showers? coffee? soup?
2. Black or white - too vague... white as a symbol, black as an outfit
3.Chocolate or Vanilla - chocolate

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. climb all the 14-ers with the Burrier's (to undo the horrible experience they had with me on Albert) and with my father....
2. fly my parents to Japan (either greet them here or be with them)

One Thing You Regret
1. not taking advantage of the 23 years I have had to make a difference. Time is precious and nothing is guaranteed. I regret that I have not given grace when grace was due, not shared enough joy when opportunities to share arose, wasn't encouraging when discouarged people lay in my path and compromised the Gospel to be liked when I know that the Gospel "speaks" for itself and that in comparison there is nothing I desire but Christ.


jamie said...

hey jo- thanks for those i like reading those things- tearin up with the last question too- man do i feel that way as well- wasting time. Lord what do you want me to do? i know i'm gonna be a physical mama but Lord I love your people- i love the people that you Love that yet don't know you in asia- Lord where do you want us? we've been reading about william carey, lottie moon (she is a stud google her), cameron townsend- so many that just pushed forward in life on the field- it is so intriging to me-
also don't like the monkeys in the pics- dude i'm surprised you got that close to them. they are like squirrels!
love you girl

Mom said...

You forgot about uraqut@hotmail, but I forgot about Emily Ocean! :) May she rest in peace!

jamie said...

so after reading your blog i was just praying- Lord give me an opportunity today- i had just watched a video on malaysia- i really want to go there. and so andy and i are at the mall- walking ahead of us is a woman, veiled.. and looks like she is from asia. so we stop and ask her- dude she is from malaysia. so i got her info- pray we could hook up and become friends! i was so pumped. the Lord heard my hearts cry! love it!