Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I can't believe it was three years ago that I was stepping onto a plane with three very strange people. Their names? Jake, Pat, and Amy. Our destination? Japan.

Can you believe three years ago we were little SIJers; iddy biddy SIJers without a clue. And now we are all scattered about~ Jake in FL, Amy dancing it up in NE, and Pat is MARRIED with a BABY! Ahhh! And then Brandon and Carissa joned us and now they're in IL with Joshua... wow! God totally blessed us with a tight group that year. And the funny things that came out of that summer...
  • Jake's surprise party and mashing a billion oreos for oreo balls with ladels
  • Amy adopting Michio
  • leaving my manners on the top of Mt. Fuji, oops!
  • Jake was an accomplice to a public urination (on top of a sacred mountain, who would DARE to do that)
  • Amy helping out Micho's "dress/undies" situation
  • Pat's tat getting us kicked out of the Onsen
  • Brandon singing "Copa Cabana"
  • when Bryan got the great idea to use the gigantic sling shot, which broke and snapped Jake in the back~ then Bryan tied it in a knot and wanted me to hold it. Um, no thanks! (i'm tearing up laughing so hard now)

I can't believe it is my turn to greet the SIJers now. Crazy business. Kanako just called me and said, "Guess where I am?" And she was with the team, after having picked them up at the airport. I pray that they would experience the same blessing we did. Can you believe it was three years ago?
This time in Japan is flying by. No joke. Mary and I were talking and we could map out the next eight months with big events that we were looking forward to. In six months I will have been here a WHOLE year, okay well, six and a half.
Anyway this is some crazy business... and my Grandma tells me it only gets faster.

Carpe Diem! "Seize the Day!" and for the sake of Jake, who would only shake his head, I will not burst into the NEWSIES version of that song, instead I will just say~
I couldn't ask for better or more faithful friends, who would have guessed?
I love you guys.
(with that said, "WELCOME SIJers 2006" I am pumped to have you! I have been waiting for the breath of fresh air you will bring, the talks, the heart, and the friendship. In the words of my friend Sarah, "Boo-yah!" ha ha)

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Kelli B said...

Im glad the SIJ'ers are in country! I'm glad for the fresh air, I'm glad for new friends, and I'm glad you are who they will inevitably look up to Jo. Who knows how many hearts you will impact for Japan and for the nations from this group! It is definately exciting.

Goodness...I'm missing you like crazy. Today, i've nearly cried twice. Once - well, i'll tell you about it sometime later. Twice - right now b/c I long to be there with you, experiencing the people, your life, and the beautiful people of Japan.

You are GREAT! I appreciATE you.