Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birthday extravaganza continues!! I found some beautiful flowers on my doorknob from Yuri. They are goregous. It was fun to receive flowers because I had not received any since the boys had our apprecation night. It's not that I receive flowers a lot... I was just thinking about them and thinking that I should buy some to bring to the party and then Yuri got me some. They are beautiful! The day was so beautiful so I included pictures, even of the view from my apartment at night. The city lights are so exciting. (and that's only SMALL Minami-Osawa!!)

I had a birthday party at Jin and Mark's. We ate American pizza and had yummy chocolate cake. I also broke out my Mike & Ike's to share because they are my favorite American candy. (they were surprisingly a hit.) It was such a beautiful party. So many BEST members were there.

Here is Kie, Na, and Tomo (hiding!). Yay!!

So great to connect with the freshman gals~ here is Megumi, Saori, and Kay Kay. Kay was super snuggly the whole night... makes me excited to think of Leni and hope that she will be super snuggly with me the next time I see her. Becca told me a hilarious story about Leni snuggling with a strange man on the plane... and even though that is a little weird, I'm glad she is so warm with strangers. And Becca, thank you so much for telling me she kisses my picture every night. That is SO precious.

I adore Masashi! If ever I were to have a little brother, I imagine we would torture each other lovingly like Masashi and I do. He pokes me in the ribs, punches me and runs from my hugs... practically like family. ha ha! This picture is when I snuck up behind him. I laugh everytime I see this because the poor guy looks like he's trying to pull away. Ha ha!!

Cake time! Yuri and I share a birth day so we shared cakes. It was delicious! Abbie and YaYa helped Natsumi decorate the cake.

Probably my new favorite picture of Mikkun... he looks so great. His birthday present to me was to invite me to dinner with his family. We're going to start "practicing" what I should say to them... It'll be good and I promise to make you all proud.

A huge surprise was when Shanghai (nickname) walked in. He had a HUGE bouquet of flowers that were goregous. Seriously, I was so suprised and just a touch embarassed. Flowers can do that to you. They are a beautiful deep red. I put them next to my bed so that I could see them. I was so surprised. Isn't that amazing of God to give me those two bouquets? I just think of how I really missed flowers and how I even got Abbie a flower for her birthday because I miss having flowers in my life~ and then God just blesses me with these.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special!!


Joanna Kay said...

Does anyone know what kind of flower that big one is? Not the roses but the one in front... those may be my new favorite... ohhhh!!! Dad, this where you insert how flowers were always my favorite and how my first word was flower... ahhh, I'm such an easy gal to please I think. :) Flowers, PSL's, dangly earrings and we got ourselves a successful birthday...
okay, the birthday girl is signing off... I am tired and I have Japanese class starting again tomorrow. Whoop whoop!

Kelli B said...

Okay, so I LOVE your new blogger picture. And you looked ADOREABLE for your birthday party!

Have I ever told you i'm jealous of your gorgeous hair? It's so pretty. You look great, and look like you had a pretty great birthday. For that, I'm thankful. :)

jennifer said...

happy belated birthday joanna! aaahh, i'm ready to be with you!!!! i can't wait to be able to celebrate with you next year! it looks like you all had a great time :)

lots of love girl!

jamie said...

glad you had a great day jo! i have a package coming your way- oops a little late- these two little ones make it a bit harder to get some things done- but i'm glad! :) love ya girl

Grandma S. said...

Joanna, could this be a dahlia? It sort of looks like it to go check with a florist, and tell me if that is what it is. I used to raise them years ago, and loved them! Whatever it is, it is very beautiful!

Love you............Grandma