Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mary Elizabeth Vacha

In six hours I bid a fare-thee-well to my best friend and teammate Mary Elizabeth Vacha.

Who would have guessed I would have become so attached to her? We are sometimes as different as night and day but in our little own "weird" way we are so much alike. I totally respect and admire her. She is awesome!

Mary, thank you SO much for the America trip and for our laughter. Thank you for being your weird self that I have grown to love. And yes, you do have a weird side. Embrace it, honey! I am so thankful for you and thankful for our friendship.

However, Mary is leaving me to go study language and while I am extrememly proud of her, I know I will miss her.

Fare-thee-well Mary. As you belt out Rascal Flatts in the room next to me, I am suddenly sad you will be gone.

Be good. And don't do anything I wouldn't do... on the other hand, just keep doing what only you do. That's a safer bet.

P.S. hurry back!!


JoPappa said...

I have composed a little poem on Mary's travels to language school.


Mary, Mary, are you contrary?
I confess I don't know;
but silver bells and cottontails
and Chick Filets all in a row
could never compare
to the fun in the air
when you are near - so don't go!
Or at least get your buns back soon.

Kelli B said...


excellent poem, sir schu!

Kelli B said...

PS - Jo, sad day...i went to chicago - saw a Chipotle, prepared to purchase you burritos for air mail while simultaneously scarfing down my chicken tacos - when alas - the door told me that they were not open on weekends!

Is it the same in Tokyo...that they close down shops on the weekends? it was weird. and sad. :(

JoPappa said...

Oh man, I can't remember the last Chipotle I had ...

Resolved: this weekend I will drive to the nearest Chipotle and have a Sushi wrap for Jo.

Maren said...

jo . . . this is a little late . .but i love how you suggest, "don't do anything I wouldn't do . ." . . haha I can't imagine Mary doing the things that you do. :)

Maren said...
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