Thursday, September 14, 2006

The crew at the Yankees/Orioles game. Yankees beat the Orioles 9-4 and we got to see a bunch of fun homeruns. Matsui (the Japanese Yankee player) wasn't able to play but the students got to meet two of the Yankees and get their autographs.

Hanging out in Baltimore...

Asako shooting a gun... this was probably one of my favorite things we did.

the largest diamond... um, yes please! The HOPE DIAMOND

the Holocaust museum (more on this later)

Holly this one is for you, yeah for meeting old friends, including Kyle Runnels!! Yay for Kyle!!

fun poses on the WASHINGTON MONUMENT and seeing my brother Jeremy

posing in front of my new house... the whole team minus Tomo who had to return to Japan early...

we saw some funny signs... this is the "code" of the Bell Ringers for the OLD POST OFFICE BELL TOWER in D.C. be sure to read about the "WHY DO PEOPLE RING?"

This is the sign that was on top of the Bell Tower... again, not really sure why on top of a bell tower we would need to worry about hunting and fishing and trapping but I'm glad they posted that or I might have been tempted to hunt...something?! ha ha


Kelli B said...

okay that is HILARIOUS about you shooting Mark in the chest! I think it's excellent, especially since he didnt think you could do it. I bet you were rolling in laughter on that one!

and i love your dad in his japanese gear!

i wish i could've joined you all for your trip...i've never been east. it sounds really fun!

love ya...on to read another post.

ange said...

i think it's quite definitive of your character that you're the girl who is willing to be the awkard bottom curve of the S in the body word picture.

also - your parents still rock my face off. congrats on the guitar, you'd better come home singing bebo just like him.