Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If you were with me...

So this blog is written as if you had been here with me, joining me for my birthday day.
The day started around 8AM when I talked to my father on the phone. He sang a lovely version of "Happy Birthday". Then at 9AM I celebrated my birthday with some of my America friends, we arranged a time to "meet" and drink my favorite- Pumpkin Spice Latte (except Edwardo, my Papa, cheated and got coffee...) oh well!

I was so proud because I had saved my mail to open it actually on my birthday. So it was fun to have something to open and I had a fun quiet time and read Nehemiah 1-4 thinking about Nehemiah's heart for his people and for God's glory to be restored on earth. Then I of course revisited my old friend Esther, cause I just can't get enough of her.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who "met me" at Starbucks. I prayed for you guys while enjoying my latte. Here's the picture of my family in Illinois enjoying their PSL's.
Here I am, enjoying a latte, trying not to look like I'm taking a picture of myself... ha ha!
I had a great day, watching "Elizabethtown", conference calling with Jordan, Rocket, and Becca (phd boy was studying), I got to see Mike and Christy through their webcam, I got Joni Poon's LETTER and newsletters in the mail (Joni, it made me cry cause I miss you!!) and I got a billion emails. I really appreciate all the emails. Thanks for those.
Margie Ann officially wins the FIRST Happy Birthday. Congratulations Aunt Margie!
Ayumichan was the first friend in Japan, ringing in my cell phone at 12:05AM. Wow!! She's great!
So below are the pictures... have fun! I love you guys! Thanks for making this a memorable day.


Kelli B said...

Jo! So cute.

I seriously enjoy the picture of you in your red hat! WORD TO ELIZABETHTOWN! I'm going to rent that this week and watch it - thinking of you the entire time.

I love you friend. From the heart.

leah said...

Glad you had a happy birthday!

I've been studying Japanese theatre in my theatre history class and I've been thinking of you...

Seen any Bunraku or Kabuki lately? =)

Joanna Kay said...

Kelli, bravo for noticing the red hat. I was thinking... I need to ask my Grandma to make me a hat. But then I found this one that she had actually made me.
Leah, I have not watched either of those but I've gotten to see a lot of traditional Japanese festival performances. Dancing in the streets or carrying the shrines through the town. This culture is really rich with beauty... if I get a chance to see either of those, I'll let you know.
Thanks for thinking of me. I've been thinking of you and thinking how much fun it will be to see you.

jamie said...

jo- i randomly saw this t-shirt on someones blog today that said "Squirrels nature's little speed bumps" ha- i thought of you right away! :)

Joanna Kay said...

Jame, I absolutely LOVE that shirts about squirrels makes you think of me. HA HA!! Love it!
My friend Jake posted on a shirt that says, "Meat is murder! Tasty, tasty murder."
And I laughed so hard at that one. Sooo true. Yum!

JoPappa said...

JoPappa has a correction ...

It was NOT 8 a.m. when I called you.

It is true that Aunt Margie got an email to you first, but I did call you just before 10 a.m. Illinois time and midnight Tokyo time ... and sang to you.

Do you remember? Or was I just dreaming?

You make me dream anyway - so that's what it might have been.

Joanna Kay said...

JoPappa, Aunt Marge sent me an email around 10PM September 26th(my time) and you called me 12AM September 27th (my time). So although you were the first to call me on my birthday, Aunt Marge was the first to wish me happy birthday. Two hours before anyone else.
Although I found out who the DC (dirty culprit) was. I was woken up at 3AM (my time) with a buzzing sound. I thought it was my alarm but in reality, it was MY BROTHER JEREMY! Who called me at 3AM September 28th. He was the last to ring in the Happy Birthday wishes... although his message was the best singing I've ever heard. :)

JoPappa said...

Well, that's Jer for you! Just like when he made his appearance on this earth.

He keeps you waiting 'til the last minute, then when he does shoe up (oops, that's a 'typo' - but a good one, so I'll leave it) it's all about laughing and singing and joy 'cause he's (finally) 'there' ...

And, as is also typical of him, he always does his part to remind you in the process that you can never forget that life is basically a pain in the keester...

JoPappa said...

We should probably invite Alaina's comments as to the veracity of my most recent post here.

Do you think she would add any personal comments on my appreciation of her hubby as a combination of Fun and Reality at the speed of molasses ...?

We should never have bought him that Acura...even though we made him pay for it.

JoPappa said...

Well, not molasses. Molasses implies a lack of intent.

The lack of impulse is really another positive trait he does not get from me, for which he is thankful, I hope.

Perhaps the 'speed' is more likened to the fermentation of a good, red wine ... or a Guinness dark.

Anything but 'the water of life'. We must not go there --- but to the Water of Life.

I am done now.

Everyone can breathe more easily.

Kelli B said...

i like JoPappa. New name=new coolness. :)

Jo, we were totally going to go to Starbucks tonight to get a PSL, but they didnt have wireless! Poop in buckets, we were terribly disappointed. I will still have to try one of those seasonal drinks before they up and disappear.

Thinking of you anyway.

JoPappa said...

JoPappa is my name in Japanese, Kelli; and I agree that it is cool.

I am married to JoMamma, and when we get to go to Japan we will live in JoMaApa!

I don't know what PSL is, but I can see why you were disappointed to go to Starbucks and find Poop in buckets!

Sounds to me like you must be having a plumbing problem where you live.


Joanna Kay said...

I know crazy people! Seriously crazy people! First off, Dad I agree that Jeremy is the cutest thing that ever walked on the earth. He is a cutey booty. Jonah and I talked about it and we agreed he got all the cutey genes. As far as impulsive genes, Jordan managed to hog about 40% of them, Jonah has about 5% when he is at BEST BUY and I managed to have the remaining 55%. Impulsivity is one of my favorite things.
No lie, the Navs did a personality test/assesment on me and they found I had "dangerous" levels of spontaneity. Ha ha!! I love it!
As far as poop in buckets... no, I'll just leave that one.
And Kel, no problem with the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL). I haven't had one since Friday night and I think I might start shaking...
ohhh Jin's making coffee. I'm out.

leah said...

OK this is random, but ISU is doing a Kabuki version of Othello this semester. And I get to teach it to my 152 students! That means I get to discuss Japanese theatre and everything Kabuki -- would you like to fly in and be a guest lecturer for that class?

Joanna Kay said...

LEAH!! That's awesome. I am in NO WAY able to guest lecture or kabuki... girl, I've never seen it. I could listen to you teach on it and then cook a mean curry and rice for your students? How does that suit ya? ha ha! I'd love to guest lecture but I know nothing about Kabuki... :) I can't believe you are a teacher. That is wild. Some day I'm going to sit in on your class and just start asking you all sorts of questions. ha ha You and Jordan should trade TA stories with Jonah... I can't believe you three are teachers.