Sunday, October 01, 2006

A good *butt kickin*

So I think I've finally figured out what is causing this "new and improved" Joanna... but I thought I would just share some of the randomness of my new "stretching..."

I just finished a grand total of TWO hours of a good "butt kicking" from my brother Jonah and my Papa.

My brother definitely showed me how much I do NOT understand in the world of Schaeffer and apologetics, although I am definitely glad he is tutoring me and walking through this book with me. I would have no clue if I didn't have him to gently tell me, "Actually Shaeffer is saying the exact opposite of that." Ah, Jone! I'm so glad you are so smart... I'd be a dum dum without you!

Schaeffer is the man. But I am definitely at a loss as to what is really happening in the first three chapters of his book. But alas, I am the new and improved version so I am pressing on. I really want to be stretched and to learn about apologetics, so even though I am starting over (for the third time). I am not ashamed. After all, the wisest man said once, "for though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again..."

The second hour I decided to get my butt kicked by my Takamine. I called my Dad on Skype and played him a song I'm learning. However, the key I want it in involves a Bminor which means I will be tearing to shreds my itty bitty fingers to make this chord. Yikes-ola! Good luck to me.

My Dad and I are having fun and I have to say that although my brother is kicking my butt in Schaeffer I am really glad we are relating over something. So even if I didn't care about learning about apologetics, I think I would still want to read this with Jonah so that he and I could talk like this every week for an hour. Ahhh... I love my brothers. :)

Now, I must learn more about politics for Jeremy and surviving the Great Outdoors, while changing a tire and wrestling a grizzly with my bare hands for Jordan. Ha ha!!

Hooray for big brothers and JoPappa!!


JoPappa said...

Joanna, when it comes to kicking butts and raw, honest, childlike, living, Biblical trust ... we're just glad you don't have spikes on your boots.


Kelli B said...

Jo - I'm so glad that you are surrounded by such cool men. You are learning a lot!

Oh, to have a brother...or two...or three! (not to replace my sisters, just in addition!)

jomama said...

You do have awesome brothers! Their baby sister isn't too bad either! :) My compliments to their Creator! XOXOXO