Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Day

I had the best fall day on Thursday and I meant to write about it but I didn't have time (sorry Jordan)... it all started when I woke up and the sun was shining and the air was a bit crisp... I made sure to have my camera with me cause i knew the leaves would be falling soon.

And then... I got to play with the Rood kids. What an awesome opportunity to let loose... I love being able to be myself and do fun things with the kids. They are so funny. Abbie told me all about Japanese kindergarten, Yaya told me the "difference between boys and girls" (mainly boys like bugs and girls run away from bugs), and KayKay just sits there and talks to me in her babbling. I have been wanting to carve a pumpkin so we put on our aprons and set to work.

I had a picture perfect evening with Abbie, Yaya and KayKay. We carved this huge pumpkin... although they wanted nothing to do with scooping out the inside. I was so surprised. Then we put a candle inside and lit it for when Jin and Mark came home. I'm going to try and hang out with Abbie, Yaya and KayKay about once a week. It's such a treat for me and I feel like I'm "crossing" family lines. I know if I lived closer to Lenora I would be helping with her... and vice versa with the Roods family.
The kids are such a riot. I had a blast! It's so much fun to have someone to lick the bowl with... KayKay really wanted to help but apparently she didn't understand, "Keep it in the bowl." and was half covered in chocolate brownie mix by the time I decided it was bedtime.


Joanna Kay said...

Jordan, thanks for being my faithful "public"... how was this post? Your honest opinion is appreciated. I love you. I keep thinking, "march, march, march" when I get to see you and take you around Tokyo. Woo Hoo!!

Jordan said...

Gankyee Deska!

Your post was great. I feel much better.

Kelli B said...

love it! so cute, so fun, so yummy, so fall.

looks like a great couple days, jo.