Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The following are the things that have really brightened my week.

This first set of pictures is from my niece's visit to Gramma and Grampa's house; and Great-Grandparents house. My Grandma has a picture of me on the fridge which Leni proceeded to tear down and kiss. Does that just choke you up or what? I almost burst into tears. I can't believe how big she has gotten lately.

Speaking of Grandmothers... my Grandma Schupbach has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because I've started up crocheting again for the fall/winter season. I am so grateful that she taught me that way back in the day. There is so much I have yet to learn from ya, Euny. Just wanted to give you a shout-out and tell you that I love you!

Seriously, ya'll. You've never met anyone as fiesty and spunky as my Grandma Schupbach. She's not afraid to wave her wooden spoon at those who taste-test her food, the Cubs and Bears for losing, and her own husband for eating her potato salad when she's not finished. I have such tender great memories of you, Gram. I love you much. Let's hang out when I return.

Return... hmm... I've been reading John 12:24-25 lately... thinking about the return and the cost of our lives. *I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains (alone) only one seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.* I just keep thinking about this verse; Mark heard a guy speak on this verse and share with me that when the kernel falls into the ground, it is HIDDEN. It goes unnoticed.
There is no glory in the dying seed.
I keep thinking about this.

Kie makes me smile and laugh...

Joni Poon (far right) writes THEE best letters. She is faithful to encourage me and send me random things through the mail. Her envelopes are colorful and just as much fun as the letter itself. AW, Joni! Yo R Cragee!
As if her beauty wasn't enough to cheer me up, Ojen (middle) sent me an amazing email about life. And she just said some pretty sweet stuff to me that completely knocked me on my seat. She probably doesn't even realize that she did this... I have big plans for my friendship with these two. Our random days of fun and hilarity are not over!

speaking of hilarity, in two short weeks, i will be admist the hilarity that is known as Kanako Suzuki! Um, she's awesome. And she's bringing my other Shizuoka friend, Shige.
Chris Ebbers (Shizuoka and fellow coffee over-consumer friend) is coming into Tokyo for 17 DAYS! Party! Party! Party! I can NOT wait. Chris mean fun, meaning laughter, meaning Shizuoka people will come to visit, meaning more laughter... oh, I am ready for that time. This picture makes me laugh cause Shige is being absolutely ridiculous. And Kanako is the girl who told me, "Everyone loves a woman who can cook." when I told her in 2003 I couldn't cook. ha ha!! I've been tempted to stitch that onto a pillow if only I knew how to stitch pillows. ha ha!!

Finally, of course I have to blog about fall... it's only got me seeing stars. But I will spare you anymore of my sappy, "I love fall" pictures. This is actually a picture from Halloween last year. I am not such a big Halloween fan, maybe because my mother made me be a "bunch of grapes" one year and I still have a grudge. ha ha!!

So something that was hilarious was the crew at Utsu is planning a Halloween party and who does Keith contact when he needs a Halloween CD but me, because he figures, if anyone has a Halloween CD it will be Joanna... the sad thing?

I actually have one. But then I tried to justify it to him, because I had a Halloween Party in college... but that only made him laugh harder.

Anyway, this week has been a fun week of unexpected emails and encouragement from the Lord. My parents totally blessed me with a gift I wasn't unexpecting... after all they do, they continue to give.

I, also, got to spend time with Jin last night, playing cards, and it was good to be with her. I really appreciate her friendship. She's an amazing woman. Anyway, that's it for now. I need to go to sleep. I have a staff meeting tomorrow morning.


Kelli B said...

oh to share in your random enjoyable funness in Tokyo...

jamie said...

jo love reading about your life- you are great with your words! i love the picture of lenora- crazy to think that is about how old simeon would be- if i remember right your sister in law and i were pregnant about the same time right?
well girl still workin on that birthday present- this better be a good one huh!
love you

Kelli B said...

yeah...lennie is SUPER adorable...and that is so cute that she kisses your picture.

she loves you!!!

Joanna Kay said...

Kelli, besides your physical body~ you are here with me experiencing this. WAIT UNTIL I tell you how much sushi Jin, her friend Minette, and I consumed. Girl, you would have died. (Jin and I can get carried away! Woo Hoo!)
Jame, no drama (as Kie says, meaning, "Don't worry about it!") I don't mind waiting for my gift. That makes it more special. And yeah, Simeon was born five months before Lenora. He would be her size. Hasn't time passed quickly? How are the double trouble? ha ha!

Keith said...

Hey Jo, thanks for including my random email to you in your blog. It made me laugh now a third time, maybe more, about that conversation.

That picture of Leni is way too cute!! And wasn't that spoon waving grandma at your goodbye party? I believe she was. I'll never forget her on the couch with the guys from Iowa. :) She is spunky!

Your blogs always make my day.

Kelli B said...

word to your grammy. she totally is spunky. and i love it.

oh to share too much sushi with you and Jin. :) Maybe next year when we come visit.