Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jezebel, Daydreams, Anemia

Okay, so I am having a random night of thoughts. I have about five blogs started in my mind as I process and sort through the post-it notes of my brain.
Don't forget to talk about your friend, says one.
Don't forget about reading James and being hugely convicted, says another.

Yet, I have chosen three that are the most fun and biggest of the post-it notes.

"I always thought it would be so daring to go into a Sunday School class and do a devotional called, "Why I admire Jezebel." Let me tell you why I admire Jezebel. She had zeal for her gods. She was decisive, purposeful, and comprehensively dedicated to her causes, She never faltered from the training of her youth. She had poise and perspective in the time of crisis. She knew her mind, made decisions, organized her domain to meet her purposes. She had long-term vision and persevered. All of these characteristics which are basic to the mistress of the domain aspect, Jezebel had in abundance. The probem was she had these characteristics going in the wrong direction." Five Aspects of a Woman; Mouser, Brenda
The Five Aspects study has hugely rocked my boat. I am only on the first aspect, second part but I am already wanting to embrace not only my own femininity but every woman in my presence, along with writing every man in my life and telling him, "I believe in you." I feel like God has prepared me throughout time for this study so that I would be ready to hear it and embrace what He is teaching me.
If you are not familiar with it, sorry I'm not explaining it thoroughly. It basically explains that there are Five Aspects from the Bible that are true of every woman throughout ALL of history. We are on the first aspect which is, "Mistress of the Domain". Along with each of these aspects then they are broken down into three categories; created (what we were to be), fallen (what we are), redeemed (what we are through Christ).
I am studying about the Domain aspect, the fallen portion and I have wanted to shout, "Amen!", cry over my sinfulness and ask to be humbled at the thought of what God has saved me from.
Sometimes I forget where I truly came from. I think, "Oh, look at me I've come so far." But I am reminded through this that it is not a "long time ago" that I dealt with sin but just a moment ago.
They did a short synaposis on Ruth also, and I am just so convicted by this quote, "Her name is synonymous with loyalty, faith, service, joy, and love. She is one of the last whom God has made first, a mother of Christ, and a blessing to the whole world." (pg. 44)
Whoa! Man, talk about an amazing study. After this, I randomly read through James and found this verse in chapter 3, "But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere." Ahhhh.... I just to pray these things into my life and into the lives of the women I am blessed to know and minister with (and to). Can you imagine if we sought the Lord with such devotion that our names would become synonymous with loyalty, faith.... and if we asked the Lord to humble us in such a way that we would be opened to His wisdom which is first PURE and then peaceable, gently.... merciful... I am challenged to pray these things for my friends and for myself.
Woman, on their powerful relational level, can love and nurture the heart. But because we are sinful we also know where to "hit" to make it count. Why do you think girls are often so petty and angry in junior high and high school? And continuining on? We are sinful beings and we, unfortuntaly know where to hurt people the most, the heart~ because God has given us the key to unlocking and relating on that heart level.
Wow!! I just want to be a BIG SPONGE and soak this all up... while allowing God to speak into my own life.
Another thing I have been pondering is "daydreams"... do you think daydreams can be dangerous? I frequently have daydreams when I am walking home from campus... and I wonder (daydream, if you will) about how much of my life I spend in daydreams. Is it more necessary that I invest my mind and memorize scripture during this time or pray for people? Or are daydreams harmless?
I guess that somewhat depends on the daydreams, too, huh? Hmmm... just something to think about.
And finally, I have (successfully) diagnosed myself as being anemic. It all started when I cut my finger with a knife and didn't stop bleeding until the next morning. So I thought, hmmm I'm anemic and I was reminded by my brother, Jordan, that that is not anemia. And that my frequent dizzy spells are caused by my age range. Jordan says, "Over 50% of girls your age have a period of lightheadedness. Go get some multivitamins." So I decided I would shrug it off as a simple "period" of life and deal with it.
Then today, after a walk to my english play group (which I teach not attend~ ha ha) I was sitting with the kids and I stood up, way too quickly I guess because I almost passed out right then and there. It was my worst spell by far. I really almost toppled over onto my kids, which would have caused a widespread freaking out, giving them a chance to start screaming and running out of the class had I really fainted on top of one of them. However, I managed to stop the room from spinning. But now I am laying in bed, drinking my second HUGE glass of water (am I dehydrated?) before I go to bed. And I am feeling weak. Hmmm... multivitamins might not be enough. I may need a doctor.
Also, is anemia hereditary? Because then I know for sure I have it.
Anyway, if you are still reading this random post, I apologize. Must be my anemia getting the better of me.... now I will let you go, ponder the other four aspects of woman and I am off to search WebMD before I get a "you are not anemic" post from Jordan and then turning in to bed. Oh, yeah and my finger finally stopped bleeding but now it is red and hurts, so I am waiting for the gangrene to set in before I self-operate.
Ha ha! I am such a drama Queen. Can you tell I miss my mother giving me sympathy?


Joanna Kay said...

According to WebMD, my dizziness could be from too much caffeine (dang gina!) and I should not be climbing ladders while dizzy (dang gina again, ha ha!).
On another note: anemia is the most common blood condition in the U.S. affecting about 3.5 milion Americans.
Multivitamin land here I come... oh, great! I'm like a "weekly" pill case away from becoming old. Can I still take flintstone vitamins?

Joanna Kay said...

Okay, one more thing~ anemia IS hereditary so I probably do have it.
And my dizzy spells are worse. They now happen as I sit here, without moving much. Weird. Jordan, can you fly over and diagnose me properly?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know how NOT surprised I am that you sliced open your finger and bled profusely. So, how big was the knife?

Anonymous said...

And what's with you saying dang gina now?

Kelli B said...

jo - i'm sad i missed chatting with you - but i'm glad you had time to send that email and post this post. you are great.

hoping that anemia does not get the best of you, that you can get past your dizzy spells, and that your life can go on. I'll have sympathy on you too. :)

Joanna Kay said...

Jake, ha ha! Very funny. That really isn't fair if you take into consideration how many times I use the knife without cutting my finger. Maybe if I wasn't daydreaming so much....
ha ha! How was your trip to Colorado? And any news I should be aware of? Just wondering how you are doing.
Oh yeah and I live with Mary who says "dang gina" a lot. Or maybe she said it once but it caught on, I like it so much I use it... frequently. Is it a Nebraska saying?
Kelli, yay! for you having sympathy on me. ha ha!! It's ok that we didn't get to chat. I was not feeling good and as you can tell by my blog, I was being random. So I was kind of in a weird, blurry mood. Never fear, we shall catch each other on chat again soon.

Mike said...

Jo!!! Hopefully you don't have anemia. But, I have heard those same statistics... Bummer...

I've actually passed out before because I've stood up too fast. Luckily my hand happened to grab onto the door knob that I had just twisted and I didn't injure myself. I went to the doctor, and they told me that it wasn't anything that serious...

Anyway, DANG GINA! I think you should keep rockin that phrase.

It's cool to see what you're learning! Peace!

Jomama said...

My Joanna, hop out of your bed and go buy some vitamins for are past the Flintstones/Scooby Doo stage...sorry! :) Now focus on rest and taking care of your wounds, etc. as you study Aspects. (Is that the tape series?) Who did you inherit anemia from? And yoo-hoo, watch the "getting old and pills" comment or Margie and I will have to have a chat with you! :) XOXOXO

Mom said...

Okay, that was a little harsh. If you want Flintstones/Scooby Doo vitamins, go ahead. Just add a little iron and calcium with them. (That's only 2 more pills...ha!)
You are only as old as the vitamin you take! :) Love you!