Wednesday, October 04, 2006

They came!!!!

Kelli BURRIER!!! You have totally outdone yourself!
These are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. I practically screamed when the man came to my door. I am sure he is thankful I refrained but I went crazy taking pictures so here you go... THANK YOU SO MUCH, Kelli!!! Jo and her flowers... wow, Kel, these flowers are HUGE and so beautiful!

This is me, kissing your card. Ha ha!! The card was great and friend I MISS YOU TOO!!!
Here's where they landed, next to my bed so I can wake up every morning to them. Ahhh!! They are goregous Kelli! Thank you so much!
Oh, yeah! Look who got flowers!!!

Thanks Kelli! You sure do know how to make a gal blush. And for those of you who don't know Kelli but wish you did (sorry fellas, she's in LOVE) here is Kelli with her hubby Marcus! (love you guys!!!)


Kelli B said...

Love love LOVE that you were so happy about the flowers. It is seriously so fulfilling to give someone something! I'm glad it expressed my love for you and my goal was accomplished: you feel beautiful and cared for.

YAY! Love ya

jomama said...

Oh my gosh...your true beauty reflected in these gorgeous flowers! More ways to continue celebrating your life and a "pink birthday"! Excellent job, Kelli! This is my favorite! I love you oodles! XOXOXO

Kelli B said...

i like you go by "jomama" - it's CHO CUTE!

Joanna Kay said...

i like that your using "cho", Kel! My CALI friends will be pleased to know that it's spreading. Woo Hoo!! P.S. Did i mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my flowers and that they are CHO beautiful? Just making sure you realize you made my WEEK!

Kelli B said...

WOO! That's exciting. I'm glad you like them. I hope they last a long time. But they will never be as cool as those flowers that grow in the wild...

Jo, you are CHO fantastic. Love you my friend.