Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kelli Burrier's influence :)


Kelli B said...

Dude! now i'm going to think of you EVERY time I watch Father of the Bride. Or hear news about TomKat's baby Siri. Haha!

I love this little thing - I think it's so great! Should I call you Shirley from now on?

jamie said...

jo you seriously do look like Kimberly Williams!

Joanna Kay said...

Wow! Thanks Jame!!!

Megan Burlingame said...

Hey Joanna,

Katie gave me your blog address. Hope you don't mind. It has been amazing to read your entries and see how God has been working in your life. AMAZING guy that God of ours!!

Anyway, I saw this post and see that you look like Leslie Caron, just wanted to let you know that is who my mom (Caron) was named after - just different pronouncation. Random information!

Take care and God Bless,
Megan (Paulson) Burlingame