Tuesday, September 26, 2006


is the day where I get a chance to give thanks for the people in my life, who have made me who I am. And while, I should do this every day. I don't do it often enough.

There are many women I would love to give thanks to, women who have invested in me and made me the crazy person I am this day. Women like Kim N., Sarah, Katie Farka, Jamie, Twedt, Ducky, Kelli...

the list goes on.

But before all these women and before the godly influence they had on my life, there was one who loved me from the very beginning.

My Mama!
I would like to thank you for being my best friend in the whole world. Thank you for treating me better than I deserve, keeping my secrets and sharing in life’s little delights with me. Thank you for giving me courage and hope, for loving me when I was unlovable and for wanting what was best even when I wanted to settle. You have given me more hope and audacity in my 24 years than I could ever ask for or have the guts to admit I need. I would never be where I am today without your encouragement and wisdom.

I believe with all my heart that I would not be the woman I am today without your influence. It is my hope and prayer that I can one day be the mother, aunt, friend, and wife that you have modeled for me through the years. I am lucky to have you as my mother and I am deeply grateful to Jesus that you are also, my best friend.

Thanks Mom, for my birthday card (which I saved until it was actually my birthday to open) and I always claimed to be your "grand finale" but now I have the proof to rub in my brothers's faces. HA HA!! Thanks Mom!


Ojen said...

HAPPPPPY Birthday Joanna!!!!! Wow, ive missed so much bloggage. i updated myself today and each one of ur entries made me smile =) You are beautiful and I thank God that He made you the way you are!! Keep becoming more of you. Love you Jo!

Holly said...

happy birthday joanna!!! i hope that you have a great day. love you and miss you.

Jordan said...



Rachel said...

Welcome to the world of 24. Yeah 1982! We totally rule. I am in Iowa right now, but in a mere 17 hours will be back in Phoenix! Iowa City is crazy though-something about a big football game.

Go Hawks!

Miss you lots!!!!!!

Kelli B said...

that is a sweet post! i'm looking forward to seeing your mom again. Someday. She is just a bundle of blessing on your life. And I want to hug her just to say THANK YOU for raising you the way she did. And for loving you and leading you forward.

Yay for the Schupbach Women!

Happy birthday...Again! :)