Friday, September 22, 2006

I don't know...

what's gotten into me but I like it.

I have no idea what is happening but today I was super productive with things that actually are important.
Like putting batteries in the dreaded "Pooh" clock that I just don't like so much although it was free and convenient for our train catching friends... (and yes, that plants name is Kiss but it was named by my rocker friend, Nagi after the band KISS and not the action)

and I vaccumed... but I've also been super productive with things that were just so satisfying to finish... I put up our black picture frames. (and yes, that is a table cloth! Isn't that just so pretty with the flowers and candle and the pictures???)
I cleaned out our food pantry (um, yeah we have SO much food). I scrubbed the toilet.
I know. I know!! I have no idea what is happening. But I definitely like it. I still can't get over how clean my floors look although I am tempted to ask for a Swifter for my birthday (although the thought of actually getting it makes me feel a little old~ ya know, like you can't actually get Swifters and socks for Christmas until you're old).

Tee hee hee!! I just love cleaning my house and I even offered to clean Jin's... and I know if Christy, Jane or Priscilla (or Valley girls for that matter) read this they may shake their heads and wish I had been this enthused about cleaning when they lived with me... but hey, you ladies are always more than welcome to come back and I'll clean for you.

Anyway, here is some more evidence of the "New and Improved Joanna". Wow! I organized all the leftover products from seters and KyongA into beauty and medicinal. Seriously, I'm out of control. Ha ha!!But wait! Before you go chalking me up as the "next best thing" (seriously, I have confidence up the whazoo) I should tell you that tonight I invented the best cookie ever.

It's got chocolate, oatmeal, AND peanut buter. It was kind of a "whadda I got in the pantry?" and we happen to have an excessive amount of peanut butter so I whipped up these cookies... Here I am waiting for them. Bad news is... they are SUPER crumbly... I think it's the greasy PB. Bummer huh? Well, I am freezing the cookies and serving them the next time we have ice cream. So I can't be "the next best thing" until I conquer this whole baking thing... this week has given me burnt banana bread and half-raw blueberry muffins. I will get the hang of baking and cooking.These are some pictures from Na's birthday.... it was awesome. Speaking of birthdays, I've come up with a list... a list of things I want to do in my life. But I can't decide if I want to make my list something to accomplish in my entire life or if I set a goal as in: "one a year before the next birthday" or if I should just say "complete this list throughout life"... something to think about. I can't tell you all the things... cause that would just be ridiculous. But, I can tell you one of them, cause I think it's the first one I'll complete... actually, naw. I'll just let you know if I actually do it. tee hee hee!

We went to a Hawaiian restaurant and ate a ton of food. A TON!! It was my four close friends, Na, Kie, Mikkun and Ty. I hadn't seen the boys in sooo long. It was awesome to meet up with them again.Okay, so Ty and Mikkun always give me these weird faces when I take their picture. I blame some of this on Eddie who rarely took a picture where he wasn't either making this HUGE grin or some distorted face. ha ha!! Boys!!

Like I said, check out Mikkun's face. We got these cool little bracelets with our fancy drinks, so that was fun. We also ate spam in honor of John (who convinced our entire team it actually isn't that bad)... it's funny how he comes up so often. It's been a lot of fun to talk to students about John and about his life. There has been laughter and that has been good. There have still been some tears for me... when I went to pick the Roods up at the bus station I drove by the restaurant where I first met John and I started to cry.

Is it totally random that I have grieved and missed my friend almost longer now than I knew him in person (besides the reputation that highly proceeded him)? Wow, what a life and legacy he has passed on... He's also just inspired a lot of my friends here to do some deep thinking and for that I am indebted to him. Thanks John.


Kelli B said...

I love your posts...I'm writing you an email right now.

But I have to say - i LOVE your hair in the picture with Na and Kie! word up! You look hott!

love ya.

Joanna Kay said...

Kelli!! Did you learn nothing from this post? You can't encourage me in my confidence!! Ha ha!! Seriously, I am off-the-hook. You can't tell me I look good cause that encourages me... ha ha.

P.S. I prefer the term PHAT

Mom said...

You are just too funny and awesome! I LOVED your cleaning spurt. :) Periodically I think you used to have those at home too! My favorite picture is of the thoughtful to show us! You DO look darling, and your new bracelet is a cutie! I miss you! XOXOXO

emily said...

I thought I was old when I invested in a crock pot. As I was buying it I was thinking to myself..."man...this is what old people do!"
You are beautiful!

Joanna Kay said...

Em, you are never old when you get a crockpot. Those things are just too dang useful to be for old people. We used one all the time in 36 Valley and even Jamie K uses one. No, you're only old when you use your crockpot for baked beans at a church potluck or something. Alright. Good try but I won't stand for you being old. I, on the other hand, was reminded of a time when I asked for a HUMIDIFIER for Valentine's Day because our Valley apartment was so dry and we all got bloody noses a lot.
But that was when I was 20. So seriously, it can't be old either, just desperate. Ha ha!!

Kelli B said...

girls...i have THREE crocks. count them THREE crock pots. One of each size and variety.

i'm joining the old crew.