Monday, September 25, 2006

Sending you my laughter

Okay, so I talked to four fabulous people on the phone today and it brightened my day (thanks Holls, Joni, Ojen and Amy). Wow, I was super lonely for some girl time since Mary's gone.
Anyway, I promised I would post two pictures.
Joni, here is my nabe pot... except now that I look at it, it's horrible shot.

And Holly, here is what I looked like talking to you on gmail chat when you were up late and we were talking about our apartment days... and when you bonded with a certain one of our roommates. Anyway, I thought these pictures were pretty ridiculous. But since we can't laugh in person, I'm sending my laugh to you...


Kelli B said...

what the heck IS that thing???

you are awesome. I'm really sad that i was not #5 on your list..but man you sure tried hard to make it so. :) i'm sorry i was unavailable. yesterday was a really tough night for me - and i would only have cried on the phone.

please try again k? :) when you can. and when i'm available i'll answer. love you!

Joanna Kay said...

i'm sorry i wasn't there to hear your tears... let's talk soon.

Kelli B said...