Friday, December 08, 2006

Can I have a minute?

I'd like to take a minute to update you on my crazy life... but I only need a minute cause I have some things to do...
Asako took me home to meet the family. It was AWESOME. We saw hanabi (fireworks) and ate delicious festival food... and her Dad wore a kimono. It was a great weekend. She and I are here in this picture, eating these addicting pickled radish things. Her brother is in the background. Her family was so warm and friendly. They have a great relationship. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. Everyone was so friendly and I laughed the whole weekend. I was really glad I had just seen my family or I would have been really homesick after hanging out with Asa's family. But luckily I had just hung out with the Schupbachs. (and Icenogles wink, wink!)
So if you've been keeping up with my blog you know I have dizzy spells. So I decided to take vitamins. But because I refuse to be boring and because I am the baby of the family AND because my Mother loves that I am still her baby.... I now take my vitamins via gumball. I just chuckled as I wrote that. How ridiculous is it that I take my vitamins like a child? Actually, they are REALLY good (i love gumballs, period) and now I'm killing two birds with one stone and actually getting my vitamins when I chew these suckers. Don't they look good? Wooo and NOW with blue raspberry.

Hey Grandparents!!! These are the shoes you "got me" for Christmas. My Grandparents gave me money for Christmas so I went out and bought these cute shoes that I've been wanting. And I bought some new socks (how old and ridiculously mature is that? Aren't I still in the age where I don't notice the holes in my socks?) and.....
a planner for 2006. How cute is this planner? The writing says, "It's a sandwhich with Honey, Peanut Butter, and a Banana. It's really delicious."
Lately, I've been running around Tokyo getting some things done for our final push of BEST club until the winter slows us down a bit.
Things to look forward to:
Kie's Birthday Dec. 11
Fuyu's Birthday Dec. 12
going for my driver's license (please pray I'm SO nervous) Dec. 12
Jordan's Birthday Dec. 13
BEST club Christmas Party Dec. 15
Mitsuru's Birthday Dec 17
Jeremy's Birthday Dec 18
Christmas Party with my little kid English class Dec 21
Christmas Party with Upperclassmen Dec 22
Christmas Dec 25
Mikkun's Birthday Dec 25
Midterm Retreat Dec 25-28
Kelli "yeah baby" Burrier's Birthday Dec 26
Mary's Birthday Dec 27
Possibly Nagano Dec 28-30ish?
And...... snowboarding in December, February, and TEN DAYS IN HOKKAIDO IN MARCH!!!!!
So needless to say, we're having a ton of fun here and also, this blog is a bit boring but there are FUN things to post about in the very near future.
Now, I'm going to go and defrost my hands... winter is definitely here in Japan and my apartment. Brrrr.....


Kelli B said...

dude, thanks for the mention! :)

love ya sista friend...sounds like December is crackin' up to be a good month!

Wish i could hop a plane and a train and come spend my birthday with you...

Jordan said...

Dang it! No matter how quick I try to be, I can never seem to be the first commenter!

That Kelli girl is quick...

Joanna Kay said...

Yes, yes she is. You don't get to be my best friend by being the second commenter. Sheesh... I have standards, man, best friends under Joanna's Rule #44222 "Best Friends must always be the first to comment on Joanna's blog or the title will be forfeited"
Ha ha ha!
P.S. What are you doing for your big 3-0 birthday?

Megan B. said...

Here...add another birthday to your list. Mine - 20th. :) I will respond to your email soon. Thanks!!

Jordan said...

For my 30th birthday, my wife is taking me to dinner at Jimmy Johns. I'll also be taking 3 separate semester finals throughout the day. Other than that, I'll just be sitting around at home expecting a very large package from you.

Joanna Kay said...

Oh man, I was totally going to wrap myself up and show up as your birthday present on your doorstep to get you some Jimmy Johns but gosh, now that Rocket is doing that. Doishiyo... what should I do?
Wait a tick....
Did you enjoy your curry and rice? THE BIRTHDAY GIFT YOU ALREADY RECEIVED? That's the large package you should(n't) be expecting.
Ha ha! But nice try. I'm still waiting for those quilted pants you promised to make me...

Jordan said...

I made the was excellent. Thanks for my present!

Joanna Kay said...

Really you did? That's awesome. Did you like it? Isn't it great? I just hit up this local Indian Curry place (well, not really local~ two train rides into downtown) but the food is AMAZING. Man, I am loving spicy food. Did you like the Japanese curry? More details please.

ange said...

your shoes and planner are super cute! i'm also really glad that you're taking fun vitamins. i may or may not steal a dose of vitamin gummy bears from my niece and nephew when i babysit them.

Meghan said...

I just read your blog on trying to get ahold of Lorraine. Email me...I have her phone number and I don't know if she would want me to post it on the internet:) I'm not sure if she checks her email, but I know she is taking the semester off and finishing up next semester, graduating in maybe that is why the emails are bouncing back. Anyway, hope you get this, if not I will pass it on to her that you are trying to get in touch.