Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry "early" Christmas

Kie and I met at Tully's to kick off our Christmas celebrating with a live set. We listened to a saxophone and guitar combination and it was amazing. This guy could wail. He played some Christmas music, his own stuff, and some American favorites. He was really good.
The guitar player totally whipped out a ukelele and I almost signed up for lessons right then and there. I had never heard a ukelele live so it was rad. I was sold that it is my new favorite instrument.
Ah, yes...
and then I got home and Mary and I started preparing for the BEST club Christmas party. Our house is an official disastor site. We haven't had any time to clean so we just kept piling on the ingredients, mess, and dishes. This is what it looks like at our apartment to throw a Christmas party.
Apparently at 4AM I thought that using my cookie for a mitten was hilarious. Which I still think is pretty silly but perhaps 4AM is a little too late to be making cookies. They were delicious though.
Mary and the mess... at about 2AM. We called it quits at 4AM and actually doing a lot of it the night before helped us greatly. We were not stressed at all the next day which was great because we made a ton more the next day and got ready ourselves. (I took a leisurely hour and a half to get ready which was AWESOME. Hooray for doing my hair and feeling girly again. ha ha)
At the party...
I love this picture...
Mary~ goregous and dressed up~ elbow deep in mashed potatoes. We didn't have a big spoon. I snapped our wooden one in half trying to stir. So she used the next big thing... her hands.
HEY Kelli, remember at Nicole's wedding when you taught me how to do my hair like this? Well, I totally did it. And I love it. Thanks friend. Also, how do you get the front to look good? I had some difficulty with the front. It wasn't nearly as cute as the back. I also tied ribbon around the rubber bands and pulled them through. You can't see them too well in this picture though.

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Kelli B said...

it's kind of hard to describe, but i'll do my best. near the very top of your head towards the front, use a comb and part the hair from the center at top down towards just in front of the ear. Then do the same on the other side. pull the rest of your hair at that time into the 2 pony tails. THEN - with the hair you separated at the front, part it where you want - down the middle, on the sides, wherev - and lay it flat along the sides of your hair - pinning the ends back near the pony tails. the curly ponies in the back sort of "hide" the pinning if you know what i mean. i wish i could draw you a picture!

basically, you divide your hair into 3 parts - the front, the 2 ponies in the back.

make sense?

dude...from the back - it looks GORGEOUS! i migth do my hair like that for christmas! : )