Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To My Sidekick

A birthday poem...

Happy Birthday to you,
to the guy who always knew,
that sticky situations require a laugh,
and if him you didn't like, he didn't give a pooh.

But who doesn't like this guy?
He could be friends with a fly...
And console your aching mind
with suggesting a jeep to buy.

But let me take this time,
to tell you why best friends he's mine.
I'll never forget the fight I got him stuck,
surrounded by 9 year old punks~ he was really in a muck.
But did he ever gwibble, wibble or whine?
No way, he acted just fine.
When college came I wrote letters
and trusted you with tears...
wanting to trust someone with all my fears.
Then there came the duty call
where he went and fought for us all.
I remember being scared
about you being away so far,
but that was probably because I crashed your car.
I'll never forget that day, or wanting you at home to stay.
Flying out to Wyoming in the sky, clear blue...
only to sleep the entire time I was with you.
You making me laugh
you have such a humorous craft.
Teaching me to pop up on one wheel,
or stacking the deck when you would deal.

But we're no longer those little kids,
and that makes me sad,
remembering all the fun we had.
Knowing you are far but I'm the one that's away,
sometimes makes my blue day, grey.
I wish I could make these moments magic,
and make you pants from quilted fabric,
but I know you are in hands of gold.
With the best wife whose equally bold.

And not only Rocket's but in the One,
who causes our lives to weave and spun,
never quite knowing when we'll be blessed
in each others companies I'm always impressed.

Dear Jordan, Thank you for the giving me your sunshine for when I am the one who is alone.... So many times you saved me and never even knew, leading me onward when I was the one who was supposed to lead you. So many memories are on the nightside. Walking barefoot in the high times....**
Happy Birthday! And until the next time we can walk barefoot together again... I remain your little sister and faithful laugher of the other 3/4 of your jokes. ;)


Jordan said...

YES! First to comment! Thanks for the poem, Bean. It's a beauty.

mom said...

YES! Second to comment! Happy Birthday, Jordan! Her poem is a tribute to an awesome big brother. May your three finals today go as well as our conference call singing with Joanna this morning...no wait...better! :) God is so good to share you with us all. XOXOXO, your mom

Joanna Kay said...

Jordy, I wish your poem had been better but I had the pressure of rhyming and I am not a rhymer. Sorry pal. But at least the photo gallery is not only great of you but also your beautiful wife.
I love you SO SO much. Happy Birthday and I wish I could be with you to throw spitballs at you during your finals.
Mom, I love you and miss you. Thanks for having us. You're great.

Kelli B said...

that was beauty! *tear*

i like your brother. i like you. i'm glad you are related. i'm glad for your memories, for your poem, and your relationship.

*sigh* to have a brother of my own.