Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jeremy, how do I love thee? Let me count thy ways...

Happy Birthday Jeremy! There are many things I like about you and so many stories I could tell about you. Some of them I am sworn to secrecy (so I will not tell) and some of them I am about tell.
It is NOT a family secret that you were the child "raised by the entire village". Every Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent, and parent loved you the minute you were born. It didn't help the three that followed that you were reciting poetry before you were ONE or that you were the most selfLESS person ever. You definitely set a high standard for the three that would follow.
I've always been a teeny bit jealous that you and Jordan were born and spent your first years in Normal, IL. I was jealous that the relatives had an abundance of stories about you and how cute you were when you were born.
"Doggone it!"
My very first Jeremy story from when I was around, is when I was about six years old and we were living in Sheboygan. You were out skateboarding and you fell... I enter the story as you walk up the driveway with blood dripping down your knee. You looked at me and said, "Wanna lick it? It tastes like Kool Aid." ha ha ha! That's probably my earliest memory of you.
Or any story including the brothers... I was often left out of the games and the things you guys took an interest in. Like video games, fishing, hunting, and other boyish adventures. As much as I tried I could not throw off my girly nature and join you in your games. Even as we got older, I desperatly wanted to be a part of what you guys did...
like the game of eucher we played on the train this past November; I didn't tell you I couldn't play eucher but it only took one or two hands before you found me out. Oops! Well, you took losing nicely.
You are one of the most selfLESS people I know. You have a caring heart, a giving heart, and a leader's heart. Although we never tell you, Jordan, Jonah, and I have followed you through the past years. We've all needed you at one time or another~ to lean on you, to draw on your strength, and to lighten our load with your humor.
You made the best match when you married Alaina... and I know this blog isn't about her but it is hard not to think of how well you married. Alaina is probably one of the most tender, sweet, passionate women I have ever met. She is not only all of this but she is most lucky to have met YOU.
Another one of my favorite stories was when I heard that you had melted your promise ring Mom and Dad had given you to make Alaina and your wedding rings. I was so impressed by your thoughtfulness and romantic side.
Happy Birthday Jeremy! You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. I think you have taught me the most about; humbleness, humor in (and at) life, patience, and faith. Your heart for the Lord and patience with life has strengthened me over and over.
You comforted me so much these past few months with your words of encouragement and hope. (Remember what you said about me coming home? That's what I'm talking about...)
I love you SO much Jeremy.
Happy Birthday!


mom said...

Happy Birthday from home, Jeremy!
God's plan was for you to be our firstborn. You have led the road for the other three in many ways. May He bless you today as He has blessed us with your life! Thank you, Joanna, for this very special blog! I treasure you both! XOXOXO

ange said...

I love that you have three big brothers (just like me!) and that you're so grateful for them. The things you have to say to (and about) them are so sweet and wonderful and so little sistery. Yours are what brothers are made for.

Ed said...

I only believe one thing for sure about "birth order", the rest all being speculation ... and this is it:

God is the One Who determines what the order is, and who gets to go first.

Each one has an irreplaceable significance.

But only one goes first.

The first one really does 'set a tone' for the others to join in.

What a lovely song we have coming from our home, Leslie!

Kelli B said...

um, that is AWESOME about the wedding rings! that is really, really awesome.

yeah..your family is pretty much my #1 favorite family in america :)