Friday, December 01, 2006

I am having some random thoughts... it might have to do with the fact that I stayed up all night in a Jonathan's Restaurant but I just wanted to say something MUY IMPORTANTE!!!
I've been trying to get a hold of Lorraine Gonzales and all her uiowa emails bounce back. Here ye! Here ye! I will give 500yen to whoever can get me Lorraine's information. I miss her.
On another random note; I've started listening to some new music. I've been thoroughly enjoying the latest find I've REdiscovered. WEST SIDE STORY! I know, I know. It's a little cooky but I can't help but be obsessed with it. I think it's because now I have the excuse to sing, "I Feel Pretty" walking through downtown Tokyo. I mean, I don't need an excuse to sing that song but I like having this one. Plus, I just really like the soundtrack.
Back to why I was awake all night... a group of us went to the fish market which is WAY COOLER in the early morning. But because it is on the opposite side of Tokyo we had to stay downtown in order to catch the right trains. We stayed up all night and then went to watch the fish come in and the auction at 4:30AM. It was amazing.
On our way... Emi, Mary, Naoko, Jean (Mary's sister) Asa and Jo
The fresh catch... shellfish
What a sad picture. The fish and it's fate...
And then we found the "entrance"...
There was so much fish from around the world. At a certain degree (like 50 below) fish will still "fresh" for two years. No joke.
They cut open a part of the fish and then judge and mark it with a red paint to show the quality of the fish.
See the guy flashes his flashlight into the fishes insides... it was SO cold in this room.
More fish... there was SO much.
Everyone had a lot of fun listening to one of the workers explain the process.
On my way out I saw a basket of fish that were STILL flopping around... they kept flopping out of this tub. Wow!

My personal favorite part about fresh fish. Eating them!

Kie and I enjoyed the days catch... yum yum!!
And when I say, "we enjoyed" I mean we really enjoyed.


ange said...

gonzales dot lorraine at gmail dot com

you can make that check out to Angela Swope

how much is 500yen?

Jordan said...

Angela Swope,
According to my Google's calculations, 500 yen is equal to 4.30774533 US Dollars, or roughly 3 US dollars less than what Joanna owed me last week when she skipped the country. Still, that's 4.30774533 US dollars more than you had, right!?

Holly said...

don't worry jo. i will buy ang 2 gallons of gas to cover your 500 yen.

leah said...

ISU's doing West Side Story in the spring. What are the odds? First Japanese Kabuki now your current favorite musical...

Ed said...

Holy Cow! Wait...

Holy Whale! What kind of fish are those big lunker-sans?

And, I may be wrong ... but I DO NOT THINK THAT FISH IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RED MEAT!!!!!

Flour that flounder, batter his booty and fry that guy, that's what I say!!

Isn't raw fish prohibited in Exodus 93 or something?

Love you,


Rachel said...

Sometimes just reading the comments on your blog make my day brighter! Miss ya.

Joanna Kay said...

Ohhh Ang. thanks a MILLION times over. I will let Holly settle that with you. Ha ha! Or if you come over to Japan~ I'll personally give you a new shiny 500yen coin. Wooooo! Sutekidesune?
Jordan, oops! I seriously forgot. I will be sending you a check in the mail for 4.30774533 USD.
Hollsberry, can you believe the Christmas lights are up at Tama Center again? I can hardly believe in two weeks I'll be celebrating my First Year here... time has gone by SO fast.
Dad, what are you wearing right now? I'm pretty sure those flannel pjs are made from two different fabrics... which is also prohibited in Exodus, I believe. Tee Hee hee You are funny!
Rachel, just knowing that you are reading my blogs and in some way are connected to me makes my day brighter. I miss you.
Leah Christine! I can't believe you guys are doing WEST SIDE STORY. I know if I were there and with you on my side I would defintiely WOW the director and get the part of Maria. Ahhh... sacrifices. "I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and brigggghhhhhtttttt!" I guess I'll keep my solo act to the shower. :)

Jordan said...

Blog please.

Kelli B said...

looks like you had a blast, Jo!

ps - that convo w/ my boss...glad i had it, got it off my chest. went really bad - felt like he was trying to push his agenda and not listen to how i was feeling. i left in tears w/out him seeing, but it started the week on the #1 single most AWEFUL week I've had in 2006. But it ends today...I am going to do my best to make it end today when i got home!!!

love ya sister...