Saturday, December 23, 2006


Christmas is here... I celebrated with three parties this year; BEST club, my english kids (below) and the upperclassmen. It's been amazing.
Here is a picture of my little english kdis. They are a joy in my life and SO much fun.
Aren't they adorable?
Earlier in December I saw Todd and Jess Ahrends. They helped form a lot of my convictions on world missions, God's Word and God's heart for all people. It was crazy fun to see them in Tokyo. Todd kept saying, "Duuuuuude you're in Tokyo! This isn't Iowa... tell me about it!" ha ha!
The upperclassmen party was a ton of fun. Mary and I made a ton of yummy food and decorated our house cute. It was a lot of fun.
Mary and I made and gave the upperclassmen matching hats and scarves this Christmas. We wanted to do something special for them since they will be graduating and job hunting soon. We wanted them to know how much we enjoyed them and wanted to always feel at home with us and the BEST club.
Kie and I are sooooo cute.. oh I mean, sooo COLD. (ha ha)
The whole gang
Megu, Na, and Kie spent the night. We slept in till 1PM~ whoa! We were so tired. Mary and I love having the chicas stay the night cause we know it's a way for them to show their trust and comfort in our place. It was SO much fun. I love these girls!
Today, I recieved a package from Mrs. Jamie Kampman. It was amazing. Her little cuties sent me a special message...
This is the "message collage" as Jamie tried over and over to get them to hold their signs. Abigail and Josiah would rather be EATING the signs but Jame is SO GREAT to try.
Jame, thank you SO much. I was so touched by your thoughtfulness.
Can I take two sentences and just tell you all how much Jamie Kampman means to me?
She is probably one of the first Christian women to love me, accept me, and disciple me besides and through all my crap. I was never scared to tell Jame the crappy stuff because I knew she was SO full of grace. Jame would listen to me, ask great questions, and gently encourage me. I would NOT be in Japan without her and her husband. They took me under their wing and really taught me so much about life and the Lord. I would not be who I am without Jamie.
Jamie, seriously, you will never know how much I appreciate you.
I recieved a book from Andy and Jamie, also in the package, "The Hidden Smile of God" by John Piper. It's about the lives of John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainerd. The fruit that resulted from their afflictions, trials, and lives. I am excited to start reading it.
Jame also sent me candy canes (oh yeah baby!! The spree kind) and since I am a fan of healthy stuff via candy (check out my post on my vitamins) she sent me yogurt in fruity dot candy form. Why take yucky taking healthy stuff when kids have it so easy? ha ha! Now, Jamie's kids and my niece and I can take vitamins together. Does this count as childish at heart? Thanks Jame and Andy (and Abigail and Josiah) for my special present. I love you four! Love you Jame!!


Kelli B said...

awe, that's SUPER sweet! Love it. love all the gifts and the pictures w/ the friends...looks like a ton of fun! :)

jamie said...

jo- glad you got the gift! love the vest on ya :) you'll be seein kyle and jennifer in a few days! how fun! wish i could come!
love you