Monday, November 27, 2006

The right amount

My family (Father Ed and Mother Leslie, plus the three boys; Jeremy, Jordan, Jonah and their wives Alaina, Rochelle, and Becca plus the Baby Leni Daye PLUS me) I believe are the right amount of weird. Don't get me wrong, we're not like WEIRD WEIRD but we're definitely not your normal American family. We have the family secret dances (which I didn't get to see this trip), the stories that you never want told but then once someone starts them you interrupt to make sure that at least it's told right and the laughter that never ceases.
My family has a done a lot of things wrong yet, mostly a lot of things right. The best thing done yet has been in choosing my sister-in-laws. My brothers met their matches INDEED when they got married. Everytime I hang out with my sisters I'm impressed that they love and "fit" my brothers so well. God knew what He was doing...
Anyway, I posted some pictures of our crazy week together. Prepare to be amazed....
or weirded-out. :)
Our family picture... five of these people do not belong to our family. Hint, one of them was our 16th President.

We celebrate Thanksgivng and Christmas together so that my brothers can be with their in laws on the other holiday. Speaking of crazy things my family does... Jordan and Rochelle received a boot for Christmas from my Dad. (note he's also wearing the gift I made/gave him~ a kit to becoming "The Next Karate Kid"

My Dad sweetly talks to Lenora.

The sisters looking serious.

We took Amtrak down to Springfield for the day to visit and go through the Abraham Lincoln museum. My family always hits up some Lincoln site; though usually it is his family's "Lincoln Log Cabin" (dude, you can churn butter there. You'd go too!)
Jonah and I on the way... we sat in the club car and played eucher. It wasn't until the second or third hand that they realized I was playing only to spend time with them (i'd never played before)! hee hee hee




Stealing Kisses

Rochelle and I tried on a scary Abraham Lincoln mask... I walked up to her with it on and freaked her out. It was hilarious.

Who knew so much cuteness could be contained in such a teeny weeny bundle.

Leni loves the way the beads feel on her neck.

Lenora and I in the car. (p.s. I got my lip pierced). Nora (Leni, Leni Daye, Lenora) says "Peek a boo", "Hi Lewie" (their dog), "Nora", "Hello", and other fun sayings. She is such a cutie. I mean, there is no way to fully describe the cuteness that is her. She's a munchkin. My favorite nickname of hers is "sugar britches" which is what Jonah calls her.
Thanksgiving at the Hansens. Grandma watches as Leah finishes her mashed potatoes. Grandma used to make the entire thanksgiving meal for us but that's not as possible with our growing family. So we help out but she's always looking over our shoulders to make sure we do things right.

My Dad with his Mom and two (of three) of his sisters (Kay, my namesake and Marge)
Some of the cousins played "Cubs Monopoly" yeah... I know, we're obsessed.

Doesn't Lenora look like a little lumberjack in her flannel pjs?
Brotherly Love... I think?

How exciting! Jeremy got his Bears doll. :)
And Jordan got his. Wow, he's REAL excited. He's the offical entertainer, can you tell?
Jonah and his Bears doll.

Check out Lenora's new slippers!
And her new beanie (CUTE!!!)

Rochelle and Alaina at Grandma's.

I don't care if I've already used this photo... she's adorable.
This smile is what follows when she hides herself and plays peekaboo with us.

Apparently Jordan is hungry. (like i said, entertainer!)
Grandma had her usual cooking frenzy. She apologized because she only made us two of her dozens of types of cookies. :) She's funny. She's so feisty!
There you go, the official Schupbach Christmas/Thanksgiving. I am about to board my plane so enjoy the photos and I'll see you in Tokyo.


jamie said...

great update jo- i'm so sad you're going back- but i'm so glad you're going back.. i'm feeling a weird deal in my heart! love you

leah said...

Wow, great pics!! Thanks for sharing these!

It was great to see you on Thanksgiving. Safe travels back to the land of the big red dot.

Kelli B said...

can i become a member of your family? I LOVE THEM!!! These pictures bring your week with them to life - help me see a little bit of why you wanted to be home this week.

It seems complete...i'm so glad you could come home.


jamie said...

love the new piercing- remember they're addicting! :)

Ojen said...

Joanna!! this was so fun to read and see all the pictures! thanks for sharing with us =)

p.s. how fun! lip ring! does Jane know?? hehe

Ojen said...

oh my gosh. Lenora is probably one of the cutest babies ive every seen. And trust me.... ive seen quite a few cute babies in my lifetime. ;) i just want to squeeze her!

Joanna Kay said...

Ah, Jame! Sadly I know piercings are addicting... it all started with the one... and then I was toast. I've already started planning my next one... but in reality I'd like to be done.... we shall see.
Ojen, thanks for thinking my niece is cute. I think she's cute too. She had an earache and kept waking me up but even when she's wide awake at 5AM I'm still madly in love with her. P.S. Trolleywood rocks my face off. P.P.S. I miss you

ckhnat said...

lol ... i liked your idea for a special section for bloggers.

you're all welcome

Click here

emily said...

I want a closer look at that lip ring! COOL!

Ojen said...

hey has anyone told u ur dad kinda looks like Bush (sr.) esp in that pic with Lenora.... =)