Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crazy Weekend

I invited some friends over for the first weekend I was home in Illinois. They surprised me with some pretty interesting gifts. The first gift were the Spiderman masks that Kelli brought me. We went wild with these (especially Kelli and I). We had a deal that whoever took theirs off first had a penalty but unlike Japanese penalty games; Marcus never did his penalty.

I love this picture of Kelli and I... don't I look like a rapper?
Sarah came to visit me from Minnesota... it always catches me off guard how nuts we really are and were in high school but Sarah and I have this great ability to just slip back into the comfort of our friendship. Thanks for coming; although we missed out on the two-man mounts.

So, as you probably know from the previous post, I had jet lag (and still do) unlike anything I've ever known. I was a tad bit hyper at 5:30AM and maybe, kind of, actually I did wake up Kelli by telling her I had found my crown in my "box" downstairs. At 7:30AM my Dad brought home donuts and because I was hyper/bored/alone I decided to take andom photos with the donuts. Don't ask me why...
The second great gift I received was from Sarah... you would never be able to guess it so I will just tell you. She brought me MOUSTACHES!!! Seriously, do I have the best friends ever or what? Who would buy me a moustache? Who does these things? Sarah Gehrman. I had so much fun with the moustache that I wore it around Normal (normal I am not) and only took it off when it started itching me crazy. I was actually grossing myself out when I would itch my nose and pull black hair off of my 'stache. that was a little too gross for me... who likes to shed? Not me!
But then I put it on my steering wheel cause I took it off in the car and forgot it there until my brother Jeremy came in and gave me a tongue lashing for being disgusting. :) Moustaches Rock! Who knew facial hair could be great?
Paul and his twin

I even talked Edwardo into wearing one. I always loved his 'stache as a child and still can't get him to grow a new one (just wait till I teach Leni to beg~ he's toast!) so I asked him to wear this one.
Then Sarah broke out the rotted teeth. Seriously, who does this? Kelli, Sarah and I had a little too much fun with our facial hair (Kelli preferred the soul patch) and nasty teeth.

There was an appropriate amount of snuggling this weekend.
The gang: Paul, Marcus, Kelli, Lindsey, Pepping, Amy Hatcher, and Sarah Gravert
It was a crazy weekend and I was incredibly jet lagged. we had hour long conversations about nothing at all. I don't know how we can do it but it happened. And I managed to giggle through the entire weekend and then sleep through the rest of it.
Thanks for coming people. I love you and can't even express through silly blogger how much I love and appreciate you guys.


emily said...

that is hilarious! that looks like so much fun!! I can just picture and hear the giggling! YEAH!

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