Sunday, November 12, 2006


I came home, feeling this way.... smiling like Mai Mai. After a tiresome, busy and somewhat long weekend I feel SO refreshed and encouraged. How is that possible? It's the Body! I love getting together with people who love Jesus. So this weekend was positive. People could tell me, "I experienced that SAME thing when learning the language." or like Keith told me, "I was SO happy when you asked, 'is it ni, or de?'" Guess it's good to know you aren't alone in your struggles. I got to connect with some girls and we spent the weekend bonding... Mai Mai was my roommate and in my bible study. Shinsan is actually Korean Nav but he came over to Japan to help out in Fukuoka. He's extremely disciplined. I mean EXTREMELY disciplined. He told me the best way to learn Japanese is to get up at 6:30AM when my brain is the "ripest" for intaking information. Um, we shall see about that one...
Shin, Mai Mai, and Norio were all in my Bible study. We looked at John 17:1-5 and John 15:1-16. It was great to discuss what we thought God was teaching us and to hear prayers and the Word in Japanese. I continue to stand in awe of God and His timing... I was so discouraged about a week ago and the past four days have really spoken to my heart. Norio had a great time connecting with people and talking to some older Nav staff (and by older I mean, Mark. tee hee hee)
Meet Himeji! He's a student at Utsunomiya and hilarious. The language is a barrier between us but I know if we could understand each other we'd egg each other on. I sense in him a real confidence in the Word and wanting to share his life. He has a great sense of humor. He was also in my Bible Study.
Finally, Tom, the last member of the best bible study. :) Tom is finishing up his two years of language before starting a BEST club on a new campus. He translated our bible time for me. Arigatou Gozaimashita Tomsan! :)

It was such a fun weekend, full of laughter, learning, and connecting with one another. I got to spend good time with Mary, Mai Mai, Ruth Ann, and some other gals which was encouraging. Here are some pictures of our staff from this weekend...
Izumi and her fiance on the right, Norio on the far left
Mary's sister Jean takes in Japanese culture.

Bill Sparks from the Navigators "home team" came to visit us, do some staff care, and be our main speaker. He was AMAZING. It was so encouraging and just great to talk about the call in our lives. :) Seriously, guys! I've been freaking out on what I'm learning. I need to journal and process but I'll try to keep you updated on what's been going on. Whoa baby! I love when the God moves in and overwhelms you. (Kusudasan was a lot of fun this weekend. He is "the boss" of Japan Navs. and our main translator this weekend. It is always good to see him and spend time getting to know him.)
Okay, this picture is fine as your standard group picture but check out Mary, who is totally distracted in DEAD CENTER! I love this picture because she's losing control over the extremely adorable Fukuoka gals.
It was great to worship together as a large group. Students from Utsunomiya led the worship.
To give you a little bit of what I've been hearing from God... look up Karen Watson who was a missionary in Iraq.
Bill Sparks finished our time with a letter she had written to be opened only after her death. She was killed over there and the letter was opened. I was SO challenged in "giving my life" and in being obedient to Christ. I will include a future post of her letter at another time.

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