Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jet Lag Central

I seriously, don't mind jet lag... at all. Ok, so I guess I do mind when I am utterly exhausted and can't keep my peepers open at like 6PM and "they" make you stay awake until 9PM. Anyway, here I am... wide awake in America. That's right, my friends, I said, AMERIKA!

I have jet lag and managed to outlast my friends last night. We all sat around and reminisced about the old days and talked about Japan and life.

I'm glad to be back and even more glad to see my family and friends. I called my Grandmas and they were ecstatic to hear that I was back. Oh yeah and my Pops was HYSTERICAL when I surprised him. Both my parents freaked out and started crying so the surprise was successful. My Mom knew I was coming (she found out on accident) but she didn't know when. So I rang the doorbell wearing a ridiculous hat (the kind Japanese people wear when they work in the rice fields) and my Dad just sat there for about 60 seconds which is LONG when you're outside and it's cold... and he just couldn't believe that I was standing on his porch. I'll try to upload the video someday.

Anyway, it's good to be back and good to see everyone. I am pumped to spend some much anticipated time with my dear friends (hooray for college friends, Sarah, and Katie Farka)... but with this silly jet lag. I woke up around 5:30 (went to bed at 1:30AM) and decided to start going through all my old stuff. I found my old crown (and officially crowned myself Homecoming Queen~ although no one is awake so my excitement was short-lived~ ha ha ha) and am wearing it now. I also found old letters from beautiful people like Sara Fitz, Amy Hatcher, Alesha, and more...

I found some old thrift store clothes that didn't fit in my suitcase on the way here... so I brought some clothes home and am hoping I can "exchange" and bring some new things back.

Anyway, I am in Illinois if you want to chat and hang out. But probably, if you are reading this you already knew I was coming and are already here. Yeah for faithful Joanna's blog readers. :) Well, I will post pictures of my family, the BABY, and the ten days here later. But now I am going to make a cup of coffee, grab an old, comfy sweatshirt, and watch the sun rise from my parents roof (which is in the areial picture I included above).

Just praying that I can be an encouragement to my family and my friends.


Kelli B said...

funny jo jo! i remember when you woke me up at 5:30 and you said "I found my crown!" probably the best way to be woken up at 5:30am.

i'm glad you're home. i'm glad we're here! i'm happy to see you across the room from me right now!

love you friend. word to Schupbachs, fireplaces, and girls named Joanna.

Holly said...

dude, if my sister was not here, i would be on the first plane to chicago right now. love you, miss you, so jealous of those who get to see you!

Jordan said...


emily said...

ah, man! I wish I could see you!! I'm going to back to Iowa Wednesday through Sunday and I'm so excited!!! How fun to surprise them!! Can't wait to see the video?
Did Kelli give you my hug yet?!?!

Sarah said...

jo, it was so awesome to spend time with you this weekend! you were such an encouragement to me and you also made me laugh a lot! :) have a great time at home! ps...your family rocks!

ange said...

what?! i'm in illinois too! i want to see you!!!!

call me! 319-404-1404

Kelli B said...

jo - dude. i'm going throguh withdrawl. waking up today was so sad. because i didnt see you standing over me wearing your crown. and i didnt wake up to your dad clinking the dishes around and making coffee. and i didnt wake up to the living room filled with chicas and the fireplace. i didnt wake up and see marcus and paul barechested and 1/2 sleeping.

i miss you already.

and miss your family.

need to start planning right now how to make it out to Japan to see you. Will you be there when Sarah is there? Cause it'd be awesome to come out when both of your are there - but i wasnt sure that would work.

love you friend. kisses and hugs.

Jerry said...

wow! crazy random suprise!!! =D i'm glad you get to be with your family! =D

Joanna Kay said...

Kelli, let's get your webcam working. Then I can wake you up, make dinner with you, go to the bathroom and everything else with my CROWN ON!! That crown is so convivently worn everywhere. Wow, it's great!
Ang, I just called you.
Jerry, wish I were in LA.
Em, got your hug and gave you one back. Seriously miss you!

Kelli B said...

my webcam works with skype...we should start having skype dates :)