Monday, November 20, 2006

Did you order Subway?

I came home to surprise my family and my Dad just sat at the door and stared at me. The deal was that Jordan and Rochelle would come in and ask my Dad where he wanted to eat dinner and then I would follow with Subway. Sorry it's dark but enjoy my Dad's astonished look when he sees me for the first time.


Jerry said...

oh wow! haha! that's so great!! your dad is just STARING at you.. hahah!

jamie said...

jo that is awesome! SO SO SO good to see you yesterday- it didn't even feel like we hadn't seen each other for a year--
love you

you're a trophy of GRACE!

Sharon said...

that's too fun.

kie said...

your dad looks so surprized!haha
i look forward to hearing your wonderful trip, jo!
Enjoy your great days! - Kie

Kelli B said...

um that is probably by far the BEST reaction you could get from a parent. your dad ADORES you and cherishes you! i love much. thanks for sharing.

emily said...

This is hilarious!