Monday, November 27, 2006


They tell you, "Home is where your heart is"...
but what they don't tell you is what to do when your heart has no home...

When your heart is traveling to Colorado in a small silver car,
or reading "Olivia Starts a Band" with the girl whose smile will warm me this winter,
when your heart skipped a beat and with a picture in an envelope...
a surprise cup of coffee in the morning.

When your heart is the notes you strum on the guitar,
the tears you cried over coffee,
the shawl that fits perfectly like your arms,
the laughter that followed the gleeking in my eye.

My heart is going home to Denver,
Going to school in Pittsburgh,
Learning to drink from a "big girl cup"
Working in a bookstore
Keeping the books straight in a furniture store
And helping children in central Illinois.

My heart is you.

They say, "Home is where the heart is"...

My heart is in a coffeeshop in Takahatafudo
In the laughter that follows the stories from "homeless backpacking"
In the train rides and afternoon lunches
In my garbled Japanese

In the three little kids who never cease to amaze me,
who delight and entertain me.
My heart is in the card games,
the movies,
and the chocolate ice cream that we eat.
In the kitchen that smells good
and the smile that lights her face when her dishes get done.

My heart is in the laughter from the cultural blunders.
My heart is you.

My heart is in Him, who had no home, no bed to lay His head on
My heart is in the One who gives me daily grace to love, learn, and laugh
My heart is in Him who watches and protects those that I can't be with.
My heart is in Him who loved me first and gave His so that I could be with Him...

He is the Reason.
My heart is Him.


JoPappa said...

He Who formed the eye...
does He not see?
He Who formed the ear ...
does He not hear?
And He Who formed the heart...
does he not love?

jamie said...


Kelli B said...

can you please start to keep your poems written in the journal? or in A journal that you can send me for christmas? CAUSE YOUR WRITING AMAZES ME and makes my heart pound. I loooooooved this post. so beautifully written - from a linguistic stance and from the creative photos...LOVe the picture of Lenora and the photo of you mary and the Roods - HILARIOUS!!!

you are great and i miss you with deep missing. i wish your hometown had been a place in iowa, or that i had the last name shupbach so i could have seen you more! :)

missing you...oh to run away from this office desk...

Sharon said...

so have a gift.
(from a friend of Hilary Pepper & Emily Ward)

Joanna Kay said...

Sharon, I think I've met you at Parkview. I'm also a good friend of Emily's and Hilary's. I'm glad you enjoyed my writings... I just write what I am thinking and how I feel... God really has worked on my heart HUGELY so everything just flows from His creativity. Thanks for posting.

Amy Pepping said...

That was beautiful and a great reminder. I am so encouraged and thankful for you.