Sunday, November 12, 2006

Glamour Shots by Deb

Like any good get-together... this weekend was full of random pictures. If the Navigators ever needed models, they'd for sure use us, as you will soon see why...
Joni Poon, my dear friend, this is for you! I got to hang out with Chi for an entire day and it was BEAUTIFUL!! She has this amazing laugh that lights up the entire room... I am excited for this friendship~ although we talked about YOU almost the entire time. We found a fire truck on site and decided to take some random pictures...
Jo, Maren, and Mary

Stephen, Maren, Jo, Jean, Mary, and Ruth Ann

Tokyo Team; Jo, Mary, Mark and Stephen

A natural bond was formed during training between the three of us; and ever since, we have become each other's accountability partners, friends and family away from home.
Jo, Mary and Keith
Naoko and Jo

Mary and Jo
This picture is entitled "Beauty"...because this one is appropriately called, "Beast"~ tee hee hee!!

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Maren said...

I like how Naoko is serious . . . and well you are just . . . being Jo! :)