Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shiz, Utsu, Tsukuba, and now?

Mary and I had the Shizuoka people over for the weekend. I am pretty sure they were here to see Chris but I took advantage of the situation and hosted friends for the weekend. Cooking is so much more fun when you can cook for people.
I hope you enjoy the weekend pictures. (p.s. I pooped out in the middle of this because I have to get some sleep... post more manana...tabun!)
Asachan and I taste the CREPES from Chuo festival.Shizuoka folks come to play! Woo Hoo!! Mary, Akio, Atsushi, Shige, and Keiko

kind of an ugly face but I think it's the funniest picture I've ever seen...

The girls of Shizuoka and Tokyo BEST (Kanako, Mary, Aileen (staff), Keiko and Jo)on the way to Tsukuba, Mark can make friends anywhere with anyone!Tsukuba was beautiful and sooo relaxing... more pictures to come.


Jerry said...

you've been taking really great pictures jo. i must say i am quite impressed by your photography skills!

Joanna Kay said...

Jerry, isn't it interesting that before you came I took horrible pictures... and then you come and leave and now I take great pictures? Hmmm... conicidence? I think NOT!
How are you? Missing you!

Kelli B said...

jo - love the red hat. wear it and wear it proud, my friend. (will you make me one?)

ps - i love that picture and blurb about mark. that's AWESOME! i love being around people who have that gift. i love it.