Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Mikey and I spent some much needed date time (i consider much needed cause all of our recent interactions have involved massive amounts of other people. not that that isn't fun... its just nice to have some couple time). We took off and went to the Long Beach aquarium. I was impressed. It was really pretty.

This fish aka Dory, reminded me so much of my sweet little Lenora. Lenora, this picture is for you.

The colors were so beautiful. A tour guide was there talking about evolution but Mikey and I both agreed there is no way evolution could have come up with all the different animals, plants and life that exists in the ocean. It was such a testimony to God and to His creativity and beauty. I was in awe of the different animals and how unique and amazing each was... and THINK, we are even more unique and amazing in God's eyes. We were created in His image.

One of my favorite parts was that scuba divers did shows from inside the tanks. They informed us of the animals, what they ate, and fun facts about each one. It was so fun to see them inside and hear them talk to us.

Mikey and I


Steven said...

What a great picture of evolution in action!!

Joanna Kay said...

steven, you smell.

Kelli B said...

i'm glad you guys had an afternoon together. awesome awesome.

i hope to see your beautifulness very soon. somehow. some way! are we destined to live all of life separated by great distances? :)