Sunday, November 09, 2008

road rally

So Cal Navigators set out Friday afternoon for our annual "Road Rally" to "go somewhere to do something for someone else" (or something like that). It was a blast.

It was a fun time to get together with new and old friends.

New friends like Emily and Alice...

Look at Ann, helping the boys get the monument set up. We went to Sacramento to help Martin Luther King jr. School do some yardwork and landscaping. We cleaned hallways, planted trees and took care of a school that exists in an improverished part of Sacramento. Many of the students do not have fathers, will not graduate high school and are 2-3 years behind developmentally.
But at MLK school there is "Freedom Hall" which is a mentoring program for young boys. This program works with students from 7-12 grades mentoring and encouraging them. Instead of just tutoring this program does a lot of life on life... really cool.

Kelsey, Jillian and Kristine looking good while working hard.


Oh Jillian!!

Working hard... I was so proud of our students. It was hard manuel labor.

Naomi working hard...

Kristine working hard laying the brick edging for the walkway.

Worship afterwards.

UCLA students

Cal State U~ Long Beach

My cute boyfriend and Pippin Took from The Shire behind him... okay, it's not but doesn't he look like a hobbit? And I mean that in the best possible way.

Hugging non-hug people is always the highlight of any trip.
Ohhh Jason.

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