Tuesday, November 18, 2008


At 2:30AM last night I was awoken by a noise outside of our sliding glass door.
Kristine jumped up to check what it was and there was the largest raccoon I have ever seen peering in our screen door. Kristine responded with slamming the glass door and locking it. Okay, we have raccoons on our back patio... no problem, we'll just lock the glass door.
And then I heard it...
Is that our water?
The little sucker had turned on our faucet and was washing himself, his food or something in the water. Now we had a major dilemma on our hands. Keep the water running all night? Or go out there and possibly get attacked by huge raccoon?
At that point, I realized our best option was to call one of the guys. After all, Drew did dress as Chuck Norris and often stalks around our back patio looking for things to shoot (with an air soft gun)... Drew? Jason? James? Which teammate to call?
So we called them all and
JASON JEW was the winner!!!!!!!!!!
At approxiamtely 3AM Jason Jew came over to handle the raccoon problem.
He also managed to get our water shut off without getting bit. When I saw the raccoon cross our back patio I almost threw up, I'm not even joking, that thing was like 100 pounds and fluffy. Sick! It was disgusting.
Anyway, that is the end of my raccoon story.


jamie said...

that is nasty- as soon as i saw the pic of the nasty raccoon on your blog i knew it was bad- dude i have a raccoon story that happened this weekend too. maybe i'll post it! love you

Kelli B said...

are you KIDDING me? It turned on your water??? That is one smart and devious raccoon. Thank goodness for men in our lives who will handle predators. :)

Sick is right!

sarah g said...

Hahahahahaha. Oh Jo. First the bird poop and now this! You sure know how to cheer a girl up! :)

We have a possum that lurks about our yard. He has yet to turn on our water though!

That is hilarious, my friend. Jason gets a gold star!

Susan said...

Wait....Drew has dressed up as Chuck Norris??? Are there pictures of this???