Friday, November 14, 2008

funny how

It's funny how even though years have passed and memories have begun to fade that I can still be moved to tears. I was writing in my journal how I have not felt sorrow recently in leaving Japan... I wrote, "Is this my healing?"
But not ten minutes later, while working on my Japan memoirs, was I in tears, remembering all the friendships I had that meant the world to me.
Oh God, how I miss Keigo! How my heart aches to hear his jokes and watch him laugh. I'd give anything to be sitting across the Tully's table from him now. I'm missing him so much right now because I was reminded of how he came to see me....
It was after John had died. Our team was scattered; to Shizuoka for school and to America for trip preparations and John's funeral... and the Roods asked that I go to Utsunomiya in order that I wouldn't be alone.
Although I wasn't alone in Utsunomiya, there were times were I yearned for something more familiar... and then Keigo came to see me. He stopped by Utsunomiya on his way to somewhere.
And seeing that picture of us at Starbucks (with Natusmi) made my heart miss my friend so much.
It's funny how the memories can fade but the heart never seems to forget...

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