Tuesday, November 04, 2008

ending the night

After a weird night of missing Japan... I know. I know I'm trying to have grace with the good days and bad days... but after I got home I saw Miss Kristine and her lovely face waiting for me. :) It was nice to come home to someone. :) Kristine is a reminder of the good things that God is doing in my life. She is a good friend and a night that was almost ruined by tears was saved by laughter as she and I fell asleep.

This is Kristine and I after the navs gave us a bunch of nickels to blow at the arcade. I love this game where you simulate riding a motorcycle. :D

RJ (UC-Riverside) and my teammate Jason play Dance, Dance Revolution.

My other teammate Drew mesmerized by the video game.

My awesome boyfriend playing DDR with me and although I can totally kick his butt in REAL dancing, he managed to kick mine in six straight games. I don't think I won ONE. :(

My favorite picture of Kristine....

What did I get for all those fun games? Fun glowstick bracelets. The best ever! (me and Diana~ who is at UofA)

Glowsticks are the best cause you can do random things with them.... and in the dark, no one can see what you are doing....

Sometimes, we Navs, just need to cut loose and get out.


Leslie said...

This is the best blog ever! I am laughing so hard at all of you having so-o-o much fun! Woo-hoo!
The motorcycle pic is my fav! XOXOX

jamie said...

nice jo! glad you had a great time! love you-

TheFrazers said...

This is Stacy Frazer in Boulder, CO! I love keeping up with your blog....seems like you fit in perfectly in Cali. Hope you are doing well and enoying being close to Mikey! Tell him that Drew and I said hello