Monday, January 11, 2010


I've realized something about myself recently.

I'm pretty naive and I'm fairly simple. Oh, don't get me wrong there are moments where I can get uppity about things unfortunately. But I've realized I'm fairly simple and I like simple things.For instance, I like being considered a "homemaker" and just now am realizing all the implications that means. Sometimes I toy with the idea of working just to "get out" and meet people because I'm so social but I love the fact that God has provided for us and that I can stay home and minister from our home.

I love that I grew up in the country. I love that it shocks people that I never saw a Starbucks til college. I love that my Grandma sends me Country magazine.
I love that homemade bread is one of the best smells to me in the whole world. Sure, I love going to the mall, spritzing a little D&G on me and smelling like a million dollars but there is nothing like the smell of bread to warm the house on a chilly afternoon.

I love that I'm fairly old fashioned. I love that my Grandmother's have passed down recipes, advice and crocheting patterns. I love that one of my favorite lessons at the nav conference was from an older woman who is a grandmother herself, who takes time to make people feel welcomed, loved and valued all by using a tray! I love that my own Grandmother taught me to crack eggs the way she learned from the depression era. I love that my other Grandma has passed on her silver candy dish and her china to me. I love using it and making the women who come through my door feel special.

I love that I'm kind of nerdy and old fashioned. That when I break out my crocheting people ask me "Isn't that an old person's hobby?" I love that I want to learn to quilt and am making it a lifelong goal to learn someday.

I love that I am still a country girl at heart. I love that among my life ambitions, I want to have children and have a home where weary people can rest and be refreshed. I love that I am trying hard to marry Asian cooking with Midwest cooking. Stir fried steak and potatoes?!?

I love that the thought of baking a cake thrills me to death. I love that I have an entire shelf (and perhaps someday an entire bookcase) devoted to cookbooks.

I love that my husband, while driving through rural California (yes it exists) asked me, "Could you live here?" and I answered after giving it much thought. "Yeah, I could live in a more rural area. I think you just adapt." And I love the thought that maybe my kids could grow up like me, without a mall next door and big backyard to play in.

I love making a home and being a little old-fashioned about it. I'm okay with not being the coolest staff member at CSULB and definitely not the coolest person in "the know". I love my friends who are and I love what they teach me about accessorizing and dressing (I love my friends) but I think what I'm trying to say is...

I love that God made me a homemaker.


Leslie said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet, my love! What a tribute to all that God has blessed you with and created within you. You go, girl! Give Julia and Betty a run for their money! My bet is on you! I love you, my little accessorizing country-girl-at-heart! XOXOX

Steven said...

so who is the coolest teammate at CSULB?

Anonymous said...

Girl, we are definately cut from the same cloth. I feel like my embroidery is such an "old lady craft." And one of my goals this year is to buy a sewing machine and learn to sew. I'm saving my pennies. I am definatley a homemaker...I just wish I had someone to share a home with! It's no fun being a homemaker in a house of one! I made a hot dish (yes, that's right, I said hot dish...I refuse to say casserole) on Sunday night and I've had it every day this week for lunch and it's still not gone. I think I've OD'd on macaroni noodles. I'm throwing the rest out. Pray that someday soon I can have someone to make a home for! :)

Abbie said...

I adore you! You are ME. This is great. I too, wold much rather smell like homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies than any fragrance that money could buy! I often smell my hands while & after I'm cooking (is that weird??) and also will take joy in my short-cut fingernails (better for baking) and cracked hands (lots of dish-washing) because it means I USE them. I'm thinking of making this a blg post of my own! :)