Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tapped into my gifting

Do you ever have a task where you come alive and you think, "THIS! This is what I love to do!"

I've had a couple of those moments recently where projects that I am working on where I am just coming alive and I feel like i am really tapping into my gifting.

Projects like helping with the women's conference little details. For example, I am doing a "walk through" of what the facility looks like tomorrow and I get to brainstorm about what "details" would make the women who attend feel special and loved.

I love this sort of thing. I love thinking about table decorations, gift bags, possibly going to the flower district in LA to hunt down flower deals and minute little details that may go unnoticed but are so important to have around.

Women can't just meet in a room with white walls, white tablecloths, and blah-ness! We need life and energy flowing through the room and I get to help create it.

I've been having so much fun.

Other things that have energized me are the daydreams of getting a sewing machine. I've decided to make it my 2010 year goal. By the end of this year, I hope to have a sewing machine and have a place to put it where I don't have to take it out or lug it around. :)

I found this book while perusing Barnes yesterday *and so help me, I can not recall the title of it* and absolutely drooled over it. It was all about homemade sewing projects such as; baby slings, purses, reusable grocery bags, wall decorations, rugs for the kitchen and for the bathroom, among other things.

My wonderful husband who understands my need to express my creativity by taking on seventy-two projects at once offered to buy the book for me. But *sigh* I need to get a table so that I can get a sewing machine so that I can get the book.

Until then, I will continue to tap into my gifting by various ministry projects, making a home and cooking for my husband. :) All of which are things I absolutely love to do.

What are things that tap into your gifting? Do you love to paint? Write letters? Sing? Play an instrument? What things thrill your heart?


Krista said...

Joanna, I love that you are taking part in the little details for the women's conference! I'm so with you that the minute little details which may go unnoticed are so important to have around. I only wish I could be doing it with you! Love you, friend.

Abbie said...

I love this post! I too have found something that drives me (cooking!) and my new blog brings me so much joy and purpose--not sure why, but it really drives me. I'm thrilled just thinking about it. I love that you've found a few hings that you enjoy as well! It's so great to find things that God has created us uniquely for :)

And is the book you mentioned, called "A Handmade Home" by Amanda Blake Soule? She also wrote "The Creative Family," which I have but I know she also created another book entirely devoted to home sewing projects. Just wondering!


Joanna Kay said...

Abbie, you were RIGHT?!?! How did you know that? I absolutely love that book. I love the words on the walls made from fabric scraps!

You are amazing. I really can't wait for the day when we can hang out in person.... you and Curt wanna chill in CA, anytime soon?